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There are many definitions associated with the Demons depending on sources. According to the Christian religion, Demons were fallen angels who dwell in the mortal world to spread chaos and inflict damnation on the chosen people of God. In fictional works and mythologies, Demons are occult creatures said to bring misfortune, death, or chaos. In this article, you’ll get to know more about Demon names so you can get more ideas for creating your self-made Demon names. If you’re ready to wreak havoc on your next campaign or stories, read on!

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Demons in Religious Passages

Demons are defined differently in religious scriptures, fictional novels, and game lore. But Demons have a commonality among these sources: they are evil and they are the exact polar opposite of heavenly creatures such as Angels. The term “Demon” came from the Greek word daimon which means “deity” or “genius”. This term was often used by the Greeks to identify someone who has supernatural intelligence. The meaning and spelling eventually transformed in the late 16th century into “destructive person” or “a person with hideous attitude”. 

In a biblical context, Demons are the followers of the first fallen Angel, Lucifer. The term “Devil” was directly associated with Lucifer while “Demons” were linked with other fallen angels who followed him. Additionally, Demons were the spirits that provoke humans to sin or possess humans with a weak faith or spirit.

Top Demon Names in Passages and Mythologies

    • AbbadonAbbadon is depicted in the Hebrew Bible as the Angel of the Abyss. It was also a name to describe a place of destruction and suffering.
    • AkumaAkuma is a fire deity mentioned in the Japanese folklore. The term “Akuma” is a direct translation of “Demon” in the English language. It is also the same name given to Satan in Japanese Christianity.
    • Baal – Also known as Bael, Baal is one of the seven princes of Hell in the Hebrew and Christian bible. Of all the princes of Hell, Baal is considered the King, commanding sixty-six legions of demons at his disposal.
    • Belphegor – Belphegor is also known as Balfagel when he was still an angel mentioned in Christian and Hebrew passages. Belphegor did not ally himself with Lucifer during his declaration of war against Heaven. However, he also did not side with God, making him earn the same punishment as the other fallen angels. Belphegor is also known as the Archdemon of Sloth.
    • GhaddarGhaddar is a demonic figure from Islam folklore. He is described as a demon that resembles the appearance of dogs or goats. Ghaddar is often depicted as female and she preys on men to mutilate their genitals. 
    • Incubus – The Incubus is a male demon who seeks sexual intercourse with unwary females. Incubus is the counterpart of the Succubus and also appears in different religions and folklore. 
    • Malphas Malphas is one of the seven Prince of Hell. He has forty legions of demons in his command reporting directly under Satan. Malphas was mentioned in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum by Johann Weyer and was described as the Great President of Hell. He is described as a demon with bird-like features such as beaks, talons, wings, and humanoid arms.
    • Oni – An Oni is a kind of Japanese Demon (also called yokai) who dwells in caves and mountains. They are similar to the Western version of an Ogre, having superhuman strength, but with the unique ability to control lightning.

Demons in Fictional Works and Games

In-game lore and novels, Demons are spawned to create havoc and disturbance to the living realm. Although they are also associated with Devils, there is a huge distinction between them. In Dungeons and Dragons, for example, Demons are spawns of the Abyss with their minds set to create nothing but destruction. They are chaotic evil, monstrous, merciless, wicked, and savage. Perhaps what makes them more menacing is their lack of empathy or emotion. They do not feel fear nor have the slightest idea about mercy. They only act through violence and delight in the suffering of other creatures, including their kind.

Devils, on the other hand, are lawful evil who hailed from the Nine Hells. They are smart, yet viscous creatures that can cause misery to other creatures. But despite their evil nature, they are more logical than Demons. They prefer doing challenges to mortals but with dire consequences. They feel pleasure and delight when people suffer—or when people conquer their cruel challenges. They love psychological warfare, and would often attack the emotions of their enemies to weaken them further before landing a finishing blow.

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Popular Male Demon Names in Video Games

    • Demogorgon (DnD) – Also known as “The Imprisoned One”, Demogorgon is one of the Demon Lords who use terror and magic to defeat enemies. He is depicted as a monstrous creature with a snake-like body, baboon heads, and tentacles. 
    • Orcus (DnD) – Also known by the name demon name Tenebrous, Orcus is a Demon prince and master of the undead. He is also known as the Demon Lord of Undeath, as he was brought back into existence from the Undeath. He has a humanoid stature, with large demonic wings, goat horns, tusks, and rotting flesh. He reeks with foul stench and can spread blight and diseases in the air.
    • Graz’zt (DnD) – Another Demon prince from the Abyss, Graz’zt is the Demon of pleasure and self-indulgence. He is a known patron of corrupt authorities and dictators who rule with iron fists. He has a muscular humanoid stature with ashen skin, yellow fangs, and goat-like legs. 
    • Illidan Stormrage (World of Warcraft) Illidan is one of the main characters that starred in the Warcraft III franchise. He was a noble Night Elf before he became a demon. His demise started when he decided to defect to the invading Burning Legion in hopes of avoiding the total annihilation of his brethren. He was branded “The Betrayer” and was imprisoned for more than 10,000 years. When the omen of the Burning Legion came, he was forcefully freed from his dungeon to aid in the war. In search of power, he consumed an ancient relic, the Skull of Gul’dan, and became a fel demon in the process. 
    • Diablo (Diablo Series) – Al’Diablo is the main antagonist from Blizzard Entertainment’s RPG franchise, Diablo. Diablo is a demon who ruled Hell for ages together with his other demon brothers, Baal and Mephisto. He was responsible for corrupting the soul stones and waging a war against the Angels of the Sanctuary until his defeat by the main protagonist (player-controlled character).
    • Dante (Devil May Cry) – Dante is one of the playable protagonists in the Devil May Cry series. He and his brother, Vergil, are Nephilims—a Half Demon and Half Human breed that resulted from the union of a demon named Sparda and a human, Eva.
    • Hellboy (Hellboy Movie) – Hellboy is a superhero character created by Mike Mignola. Hellboy’s original name was Anun Un Rama, given to her by her witch mother Sarah Hughes. Sarah was a consort to the Archdemon Azzael, who is the biological father of Hellboy. Hellboy is destined to be the Harbinger of the Apocalypse on Earth.

Most Known Female Demon Names

There are way too many Demons to mention in one single article. And because we want to make your Demonic name searching easier, we compiled some of the most famous female Demon names we found all over the internet— so that you need to!

Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan is one of the prominent female demon-named characters from the video game Darkstalkers. She is portrayed as a demon succubus anti-hero and the main character in the game. Morrigan has a beautiful and seductive appearance, with a playful and flirty personality. Despite being a demon succubus, she is not evil by nature.


Lilith is known as the Queen of the Succubi, appearing in the latest series of the Diablo franchise, Diablo IV. She is the main antagonist in the series, pursued by the players as they progress through the Diablo IV storyline. She, later on, revealed herself as the Daughter of Hatred during the final battle against the players. Lilith also appeared in the Hebrew scriptures as the Queen of Demons and the bride of Samael. Some scriptures also denote Lilith as the first wife of Adam who became a demon due to her refusal to be his bride.


An Onoskelis is a breed of female demons found in Hell. They have bodies of seductive women but with huge gaped mouths as its head. Onoskelis was also mentioned in the Book of Solomon as a female demon summoned by Beelzebub. Onoskelis presented herself as a very beautiful woman but with mule legs.

Annabelle (The Conjuring Movie)

The movie Annabelle is the second prequel to The Conjuring Universe. Annabelle is a demonic spirit summoned by the cultists who followed the protagonist’s family in their new home in Santa Monica. In the movie, Annabelle’s demonic spirit possessed an inanimate doll to purposely attack the family. 


Malcanthet is the version of Queen of Succubi in Dungeons & Dragons. She is a beautiful humanoid with obvious female humanoid features but with bat-wings, horns, and goat-like hooves. She rules the 570th layer of the Abyss, turning it into a paradise that only she can enjoy.


Ashrah is a demon from the Netherrealm who appears as an elegant and beautiful woman. She first appeared in one of the old versions of Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat: Deception. In the Mortal Kombat series, Ashrah serves as a neutral character that lies between good and evil.

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Things to Consider in Creating Demon Names

Before jumping into creating demon names, consider the following two steps first to understand the demon naming convention.

  • Demon Names Sound Rough – Demon names have a rough sound to it when pronounced. This gives the name a much more intimidating tone which is perfect for an evil character. A few examples of rough tones for demon names are Karggar, Bagarthun, Ka’Lagel. Zog’Ath.
  • Demon Names May Be Derived from Angel Names – Demons were once angels according to common lore. We can use this as an inspiration in considering angel-like names and create demon names instead. For instance, the name Thalaviel sounds angel-like and we can transform it into Thraviel to make the name rough-sounding and demonic.

Demon Names for Boys

Maybe you are looking for more unique demon names for boys that were unused and haven’t appeared in any video game, movie, or novel. In this section, we will give you our 5 ultimate demon name suggestions for boys that you can use for your next character.

Az’gullias /az-gul-yas/

This demon name is perfect for a young Demon prince who enjoys gullible, yet deadly pranks toward his slaves or followers. This is also a nice name for a teenage-old Demon who is good at deception.

Chargan /tsar-gan/

This name is ideal for a purely evil boy who does not have any emotion. The name directly implies seriousness, and a simple yet, rough tone makes it more evil-like, to begin with. 

Zaliurbas /za-li-ur-bas/

This demon name for boys is straightforward and evil-sounding. It is also an ideal demonic name for a male antagonist in a video game or novel.

Incemiel /in-kem-yel/

Incemiel sounds like a fallen angel name that is perfect as a boy’s demon name. The name sounds holy, yet evil within.

Nuhenir /nu-he-nir/

This name contains a mixed impression to it. It sounds ancient, epic, and neutral. Perhaps the neutral tone makes it a more ideal demon name for a boy who is unpredictable and evil.

Demon Names for Girls

Girl Demon names follow the same naming convention as boy Demon names. The only slight variation is the consideration of feminine tone and pronunciation, while not sacrificing the demonic impression of the name. Below are a few examples:

Asha /ah-sha/

The name may sound simple, but its rough and feminine tone suggests that the name is for an evil girl. This is a perfect starter name if you are looking for a simple demon name for a girl character.

Ziniolah /zi-nyo-la/

Unlike Asha, this name adds a bit of complexity by combining rough tones and feminine sounds at the end of the name. Consider this girl demon name for characters who are strong-willed and have resolute personalities.

Xure /su-re/

This name is one of our favorites in terms of spelling. The usage of the “x” letter makes it a more interesting demonic girl name. This can also be used as a demon’s last name if needed.

Aruna /ah-ru-na/

This name compliments well a succubus demon because of its erotic and coquettish sound. Consider this name only for demon girls above the age of 18!

Vynlael /vin-la-el/

Vynlael can also be used as an angel name. You may consider this demon name for girls who are strong, prideful, and firm. This name gives an impression of strength, making it an ideal name for a powerful character.

Using Demon Name Generators

If you find searching or creating demon names tiresome, you may check out some readily-available Name Generators online. A Name Generator generates names for your character, babies, pets, or anything that can be named. These name generators work by providing suggested names depending on a provided category.

Why Use Demon Name Generators?

A Demon Name Generator will help you generate some demon name suggestions. It is faster and easier than formulating your self-made version of demon names. If you insist on creating your demon name version, you may use the suggested names to draw out inspirations, spellings, derivatives, or tones. What’s awesome about demon name generators is their availability and cost-free usage.

How to Use a Demon Name Generator:

Using a Demon Name Generator is a simple process that involves three easy steps.

  1. Choose the Category: Demon Name Generators are specifically designed to generate names related to demons. Ensure that you select the Demon Name Generator category when searching for a suitable generator.
  2. Select a Gender: Many Name Generators include a gender selector feature to provide more tailored name suggestions. This allows you to specify the gender you prefer for the demon names. However, not all generators have this feature, and some may offer mixed-gender suggestions.
  3. Click the “Generate” Button: Once you click the “Generate” button, the Demon Name Generator will generate a list of suggested names. Feel free to click the “Generate” button multiple times until you find the perfect demon name. Keep in mind that the names are generated randomly, and there may be instances of name repetition. Additionally, some Name Generator websites may only suggest one name at a time.

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