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Zandalar, known as the cradle of all troll civilization of the Ancient Kalimdor, became a scattered island after the Great Sundering of the Well of Eternity. One of its previously vibrant and green regions is now turned into deserts. Now known as Vol’dun, this unforgiving desert is home to the nomadic humanoid-fox people known as the Vulpera. The Vulpera is a race of intelligent and resourceful humanoids who supplements their daily lives by scavenging and trading. Some of them are known to travel to as far as Kul Tiras, to which they deal with other races for trade and information. They lived for many generations in peace—until the snake race of Sethrak enslaved them.

In this guide, we’ll discover the short history of the Vulpera and tackle some facts on how players can unlock this race in World of Warcraft. You’ll be guided to a list of our Top WOW Male and Female Vulpera Name Suggestions, a few Funny WOW Vulpera Names, and a ranking of our Top WOW Vulpera Name Suggestions.

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Unlocking the Vulpera in World of Warcraft

Unlocking the Vulpera as a playable character requires two conditions: A player’s character must earn the Exalted status with the Voldunai, and completing the Vol’dun quest storyline, The Secrets in the Sands.

The Secrets in the Sands

The events on this questline happened before the start of the Fourth War. Vulperas in this era are still slaves to the Sethrak race. Nisha, one of the main Vulpera NPCs on this quest, devised a plan to overthrow the Sethrak and free the enslaved Vulperas. She tried to warn their caravan leader, named Kiro, that the Sethrak may attack their settlements and their small group must make a preventive move against them. However, Kiro is not yet convinced to make a stand against their slavers and decided to do nothing. As Nisha predicted, the Sethrak attacked their caravan, leaving it in ruins.

The Player, known as the Horde adventurer, and a troop of Zandalari trolls led by Bladeguard Kaja, flew to Vol’dun to search for Kaja’s superior and acquire evidence that one of the Generals of the Zandalari is a traitor. Upon arriving on Vol’dun skies, they were shot down by the Sethrak. They crashed on the dunes of Vol’dun where the Horde adventurer and Kaja got separated. The Vulpera came to their aid and reunited them both at the Vulpera’s hideaway. In exchange for safe passage through the deadly deserts of Vol’dun, the Horde adventurer and Kaja agreed to Kiro’s bargain of providing them aid first. Proceeding further in this questline, the player and Kaja will eventually meet and join forces with Vorrik and his Devoted to rebel against the current Senthak emperor. Vorrik and the Horde adventurer freed most of the Vulpera slaves in the uprising. After subsequent events, the Horde adventurer will kill the emperor, thus liberating all the Vulpera slaves and ending their enslavement. The Horde adventurer will do further missions after these events that will lead to the liberation of all Vulperas in the entire Vol’dun region. The Vulperas are impressed with the Horde adventurer and his companions and they are forever grateful for their aid.

The Horde, later on, hired the Vulpera traders to transport supplies for their preparation for war against the Alliance. Hearing this news, the Alliance sought to prevent the Vulpera from providing supply lines for the Horde. They assaulted Vol’dun and incinerated the caravans of the Vulpera in hopes of dissuading them from aiding the Horde. The Vulpera, instead, became angered against the Alliance and sought the help of the Horde adventurer to defend their people and fight back the Alliance invaders. The Zandalari ruler, king Rastakhan, was also killed by the Alliance during this invasion. With these turns of events, the Vulpera instead swore to help the Zandalaris and the Horde in revenge against the Alliance.

Allied Races: Vulpera

The Vulpera was fascinated by the stories and life they heard about the Horde. They decided to join the Horde faction to explore the world outside Vol’dun and to seek allies for the Zandalaris and themselves. Kiro, Meerah, and Nisha (from the previous quest lines) traveled to Ogrimmar to personally speak with Baine Bloodhoof about their plans of joining the Horde. However, he declined the offer because the Horde’s supplies are running low and they can no longer provide further, much more to an entire race. The three Vulpera decided to offer their aid to prove their worth for the Horde. Kiro, together with the Horde adventurer, traveled to the Highlands to quash a peon revolt. Afterward, the Horde adventurer helped Nisha fend off an attempted invasion of the Nazeshi naga in Zuldazar. Meerah, again with the help of the adventurer, traveled to Suramar to get the nightborne’s arcwine production back and working. With these three main problems solved, Caine Bloodhoof accepted the Vulpera to the Horde.

This unlocks the Allied Races: Vulpera achievement and allows players to create a playable Vulpera character. A player can acquire an unlockable Vulpera Heritage Armor when using a newly created Vulpera and reaching level 50 with it. Please note that there are instances that prevent a player from receiving this set such as using Character Boost tokens, Faction or Race changing your Allied character, and leveling up using Recruit a Friend in-Game levels.

Quick Trivia: Vulpera dance emote was based on the steps shown from the music video of What Does the Fox Says?

Vulpera Appearance

Vulpera’s design and appearance are based on a fennec fox which is a variant of a large-eared fox from the Sahara Desert. Their face greatly resembles a fennec fox, with large and elongated ears, short mouth, and fury body. Their skin colors vary from bright brown, red, gray, dark gray, and light orange. Their heights are small, ranging only between 3’10” to 3’11”. They are much shorter compared to the Gnomes in terms of height. Their bodies are human-like, having bipedal legs and hands comprised of only four fingers with sharp nails.

WOW Vulpera Traits and Classes

There are nine available classes for the Vulpera playable character as summarized in the table below:

In-Game Role
In-Game Role


Tank or Melee Plate DPS


Healer, Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Melee or Ranged Mail DPS

Starting Hunter Pet: Crimson Cobra


Ranged Cloth DPS


Melee Leather DPS


Ranged Cloth DPS


Healer or Ranged Cloth DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Leather DPS

Death Knight

Tank or Melee Plate DPS

(Available with the Shadowlands pre-order)



The Vulpera Racial Traits are summarized below:


Bag of Tricks


Vulpera uses a trick from their bag and uses it on a target enemy or ally. Enemies take damage, while allies are healed.

Bag of Tricks is a customizable racial spell that can be cycled through with new spells. This can be done by using the skill Rummage Your Bag.

Their bag contains two kinds of tricks: Harmful and Helpful. Players can choose what kind of trick they want to take on this trait.

Harmful Tricks:

a.      Corrosive Vial – Makes Bag of Tricks deal Nature damage. (Unlocked by default)

b.      Flames of Fury – Makes Bag of Tricks deal Fire damage. (Can be acquired as a drop from Ragnaros in Firelands)

c.       Sinister Shadows – Makes Bag of Tricks deal Shadow damage. (can be acquired as a drop from Cho’gall in The Bastion of Twilight)

Helpful Tricks:

a.      Healing Vial – Heals the target with a Nature spell. (Unlocked by default)

b.      Holy Relic – Heals the target with a Holy spell. (Can be acquired as a drop from Entropius in Sunwell Plateau).

Rummage Your Bag


Vulpera can rummage their bags to change the contents of their Bag of Tricks.

Changes the contents of Bag of Tricks. This skill has a 5-minute cooldown.

Make Camp


Vulpera is used in living in the wilderness.

They can throw a camp at their current outdoor location.

Return to Camp


Vulpera can take shortcuts back to the safety of their camps when needed.

Upon activating this skill, returns the Vulpera to their camp. Has a 1-hour cooldown.

Alpaca Saddlebags


Alpaca is the traveling companion of any Vulpera. This allows them to carry extra luggage.

Increases the size of their backpack by another 8 slots.

Fire Resistance


Continuous exposure to the heat of the desert gives the Vulpera resistance to fire damage.

Reduces Fire damage taken from all sources by 1%.

Nose For Trouble


Vulpera can sense danger due to their heightened awareness.

When first receiving damage from an enemy, reduces the same damage equal to 5% of the Vulpera’s maximum health.

Editor’s Notes: Vulpera is one of the versatile, all-around character races in WoW. They can be used fairly in all available classes. For a Healer-type Vulpera, Vulpera Priest and Vulpera Shaman are two obvious choices. For damage cored in spells, a Vulpera Mage or Warlock is recommended. It’s up to the players to explore and choose what best fits their playstyle.

Vulpera Names

There is little information regarding how Vulpera names are created. Most Vulperan names have two to three syllables. Most names used by the Vulpera are common and simple sounding. Few examples are Kiro, Meerah, Kenzou, and Norah. They rarely use surnames or clan names. Instead, they use titles before their name such as “captain” or “hoarder”. Vulpera has a distinction between male and female names.


Top 10 Male Vulpera Names





This name is for an adventurous and curious Vulpera character.

When he met some of the Horde’s soldiers, he kept on asking them their adventures and stories and write them in his journal.



This Vulpera name describes an unusual chemist who learned to utilize wild desert plants in creating remedies.

Volki’s knowledge of exotic plants made him famous among the Taurens. Both share the same interest in plants.



Heero describes a bold and heroic Vulpera.

Even before Nisha and the Horde adventurer liberated the Vulpera from the Sethrak’s grasps, Heero already launched guerilla campaigns in scattered mining camps and trading posts where Vulperas are kept enslaved.



A resourceful and intelligent Vulpera who can create potteries and useful containers using Vol’dun sands.

Nowel is known to create something out of nothing and make money out of that something.



A cunning and fierce Vulpera warrior.

Despite his small size, Jamel was said to slain 50 Faithless Sethrak during the rebellion.



This name describes a smart and quick-thinking Vulpera.

Not only is Gant known for his martial prowess, but his tactical knowledge made him a reliable captain of the Horde.



A Vulpera whose interest is with Dwarven and Gnome technologies.

Armed with a looted pistol, Bong usually scavenges fallen Alliance forces for unusual technologies and mechanisms.



A creative and skillful Vulpera character.

Haron is a known artisan among his fellow Vulpera. He pioneered the creation of wool-woven covers used by Vulperan caravans today.



This name describes an agile and dexterous swordsman.

Known as Duelist Damian, he is known to travel to different lands in search of reliable opponents.



The name “Kowit” depicts an inquisitive character who shows interest in Shadow magics and necromancy.

Kowit was previously employed by a warlock from Stormwind City. He learned dark arts and few necromancy incantations. He was able to raise a dead lizard back to life and made it his companion.


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Top 10 Female Vulpera Names




A keen and meticulous female Vulpera.

Jezka sees value in every item she laid her hands on. She can turn useless scrap into something useful and worth of value.



This femaleVulpera name describes a gold-loving adventurer.

Kila likes to buy, or take something for free, and sell it at a high price. She usually adds made-up stories behind every artifact so that it could sell for more profit.



A famous brewer of Vol’dunshine across the Vol’dun region.

Brewer Helwen, as they address her, creates the most satisfying hooch in the entire Zandalar archipelago.



This name describes a reliable and expert Vulpera animal trainer.

Also known as  Tamer Vashka, Vashka is a renowned hyena and alpaca breeder. Her hyena mounts are a favorite among the Vulperas.



The name “Deena” has a very bad reputation among Vulperan society. She is described as a notorious gold and Azerite thief.

Deena is obsessed with treasures and riches. She knows a single Azerite shard is worth fortunes if sold to a wealthy bidder.



A known Vulperan hunter and marksman.

Awen fancies ranged weapons. She spends most of her days honing her accuracy with Elven bows and Dwarven rifles—both scavenged from fallen enemies during the Fourth war.



This name describes an influential and respectable Vulperan noble.

While there are few histories written about the Vulpera, Elka was said to belong to a long-lost royal Vulpera family. Her leadership and influence are extraordinary, making other Vulperas follow her words at will.



A sinister Vulpera rogue.

Liz is involved with rogue-like transactions such as smuggling, trafficking, and illegal Vol’dunshine trade.



This female Vulpera name depicts a character versed with Nature and Fire magics.

Palam learned to wield Nature magics from the Taurens of the Horde. Orc shamans, on the other hand, taught her to wield Fire-related spells that she can use aside from Nature magics.



This name describes the first famous Vulpera Monk of the Horde.

Satti is one of the earliest members of the Horde before Kiro and Nisha migrated most of the Vulpera to Ogrimmar. She was trained by Chen Stormstout himself. They share both interests in booze and wines.


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Funny WoW Vulpera Names

The storyline of the Vulpera is rich with adventures and quests. In this section, we’ll add humorous names to our Vulpera character. We love funny names too, and we definitely want to use one for our next Vulpera character. Check out the names below.

Before you proceed, keep in mind that these names are intended to suggest humorous names only. Puns and jokes ahead.



A noble Vulpera master who wields a lightsaber (probably another Gnomish tech). He trained Look Landrunner to be the next Jedi.


Come on, you know why this name is included.


Uhmmm… If you watched Naruto, you’ll know.


A ferocious Vulpera who has a short temper.


A legendary Vulpera.


Also known as WTF, he is an amazing Vulpera with incredible abilities. You’ll be so speechless, the only thing you’ll say when you see him is WTF.


A cute yet skilled Vulpera warrior. Don’t get fooled by his cute looks, he’s deadly.

Fox the Mutter

What’s the matter? You should love this name… or not?


An Undead Vulpera.

Holy Fox

A Vulpera Paladin. He is the number one enemy of Foxrot.


Top Vulpera Names Suggestions

As a concluding part of this guide, we present to you our Top 10 recommended names for your next WOW Vulpera character. In this list, we ranked the earlier suggested names for male and female Vulpera. The rankings are based on how the name sounds and how relevant are their back story about Vulpera’s culture and personality. Check out the rankings below.






We associated this name with being heroic and bold, thus from the word “Hero”. We like the backstory about a Vulpera character who, of course, already tried to relieve their kin out of slavery even before the arrival of the Horde adventurer.





We find the name Helwen satisfying enough for a Vulpera character. What makes this name to the second spot is the nice story about the Vol’dunshine. We see her as an expert brewer of such delicacy throughout Zandalar.





Vulperas are excellent mages too, despite the size. They sought knowledge from their Horde compatriots and learn from their magic skills. Palam is a character versed with Nature and Fire magics which she learned from Tauren and Orc shamans.





Vulperas are fierce fighters too, again, despite the size. We came up with an idea of a bold Vulpera who travels across different lands to search for opponents.





What are the chances that few Vulperas already inhabit Ogrimmar even before Kiro and Nisha proposed to migrate in it? Who knows? But we think that this is a huge possibility. We created this name for that back story.





Vulperas are scavenging creatures and hate wasting resources (like the Taurens). We came up with an idea about a resourceful Vulpera who creatively molded potteries and containers from the very sands of the Vol’dun desert.





We liked this name for how the name sounds (a bit elven) and the nice backstory. A Vulperan marksman? Why not! Whether a bow or a rifle, Awen is proficient and skilled.





Of course, Vulperas are intelligent and witty. We like how the name “Gant” sounds strong yet simple. A backstory for someone skilled in battle and tactics is interesting.





Since Vulperas are scavengers, they must be good at finding value out of the ordinary. This name is the very description of such Vulpera. Someone who can turn useless scrap into something worth value is really awesome.





Jano is one of our favorites on the list. We see him as someone filled with curiosity and wanderlust—as any Vulpera should be. All in all, we love this name and we will not miss him on this list.


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