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Final Fantasy is known to be the largest Japanese fantasy anthologies developed and produced by Square Enix as a role-playing video game on various gaming platforms. To date, a total of 16 total main titles have been released since the first Final Fantasy in 1987. Each Final Fantasy installment is stand-alone and independent from one another in terms of story and gameplay. They have a different setting, plot, characters, but are linked to several elements such as mechanics and few in-game items, names, and concepts.

  • III Ice
  • Sun Diana
  • Vif Sweep
  • Feu Stute
  • Eye One
  • III Agile
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In this name guide, readers will be introduced to a set of Chocobo name ideas for their Final Fantasy XIV game. This guide contains brief information about the Chocobo, its naming conventions, the Chocobo color calculator, and some funny Chocobo names. Not only that, we’ll add a section for our top suggested name for the Chocobo at the end of this guide. You can make things easier and simpler in naming your Chocobo by using this FFXIV Chocobo Name Generator. This name generator will help you conceptualize name ideas in creating new names for your Chocobo companion—or use the name itself for free!

The Chocobo of Final Fantasy

Chocobos are a common sighting in almost all Final Fantasy games. They are the avian creatures used by humans as mounts or forms of transportation in traveling around the world. In some FF games, Chocobo serves not only as mounts but also as traveling companions or pets that can fight alongside their masters. Generally, Chocobos are described as birds with yellow to orange-colored feathers, three-toed feet, large wings, and elongated necks. Newer FF versions introduced the yellow-colored Chocobo as the most common breed while other types of different colors are considered to be rare. Yellow Chocobo are flightless but are agile and adept at traveling on land. Other stronger breeds, however, can swim and fly across the map. Some of the notable Chocobo variations are the Black Chocobo, Red Chocobo, Blue Chocobo, and the strongest Gold Chocobo.

The FFXIV Chocobo

Chocobo appeared in almost all versions of the main titles of Final Fantasy. In this guide, we’ll focus on the Chocobo of Final Fantasy XIV. In FFXIV, Chocobo is a common sight in Dravania and are captured and bred in Ishgard as mounts, cart pullers, and traveling companions. They are found throughout Eorzea in every possible stable that players can visit.

Players can acquire their Chocobo mount at levels 20 and above by following the main scenario quests. At levels 30 and above, players are eligible for a Chocobo Companion that can fight with them.

Customization is also one of the features of the game, allowing players to customize the looks of their Chocobo via equipping Chocobo Barding and altering Chocobo colors. More personalization and improvement can be attained through Chocobo Raising. An arcade mode in FFXIV is also available for players via the Gold Saucer where players can partake in the famous Chocobo Racing.

Chocobo Customizations

Customizations allow the players to fully personalize their in-game character and their Chocobo mounts and companion. The first way in customizing the Chocobo is through Chocobo Barding. Bardings are in-game items that players can equip in their Chocobo companion. It adds aesthetic looks to the Chocobo but it does not add any stat or speed bonuses. These are all purely cosmetic items within the game. There are over 50 or more cosmetic bardings available in FFXIV, each with corresponding recipe requirements, armorer level requirements, and other costs.

Chocobo Colors is the second way of customizing your Chocobo companion. Chocobo mounts start with the default Desert Yellow color. Players can alter the color of their Chocobo by feeding them snacks while the Chocobo is in the stable. A combination of snacks is needed to acquire a specific color transformation. The color change will take effect after 6 hours from the point of feeding the snack. Remember that each combination of snacks corresponds to a certain color, and the Chocobo must remain in the stable within 6 hours for the coloration to take effect.

Chocobo Color Calculator

Six available snacks can be used in changing Chocobo colors, each representing hues from the RGB color combination. A separate snack, the Han Lemon, is used to reset the color back to Desert Yellow. For easier access on what color to expect and what recipe combination of the snack is needed for a certain color, a Chocobo Color Calculator is provided online. This calculator calculates the amount of each snack needed to be fed to the Chocobo to produce a specific color. A message prompt about the Chocobo is beginning to grow new feathers indicates that the snack combination is correct and will take effect within 6 hours.

Chocobo Naming Convention

Chocobo names are often subjected to whatever the player wants to use. Players, in naming their Chocobo, may refer to the physical characteristics of their Chocobo, their personal preference on them, or how they see their Chocobo companion in battle. There’s also a traditional method of naming the Chocobo by using compounded words such as Flowerstream, Desertpox, or Forcehand. Players can always rename their Chocobo companion anytime by visiting any Chocobo keeper and prompting the rename dialogue.

Players may also consider using name generators in formulating names, just like the FFXIV Chocobo Name Generator we provided from the introduction part of our guide. Try it now for free!

Top Chocobo Names Suggestions

Check out some of our suggested FFXIV Chocobo names below:

  • Stormreaver – For a battle-type Chocobo companion with great speed and strength.

Suggested Colors: Ash Grey, Storm Blue, Midnight Blue

  • Sunsetfan – This name is suggested for a Chocobo mount with shades of the sun.

Suggested Colors: Sunset Orange, Dalamud Red, Blood Red

  • Clawtrampler – For a ferocious and strong Chocobo companion, this name is perfect.

Suggested Colors: Blood Red, Kobold Brown, Deepwood Green

  • Highace – A quick and nimble Chocobo. Perfect for a Chocobo used for racing.

Suggested Colors: Snow White, Charcoal Gray, Grape Purple

  • Equinox – One of the recommended cool names for your Chocobo companion. It displays the beauty of balance between day and night.

Suggested Colors: Shadow Blue, Sunset Orange, Cork Brown, Currant Purple

  • Quicksand – Not literally quick sinking sand, but this Chocobo name is ideal for a fast-moving mount that can dominate any racing competition.

Suggested Colors: Halatali Yellow, Desert Yellow, Bone White, Qiqirn Brown

  • Bizarreous – We root this word from the word bizarre, meaning unusual, rare, or peculiar. Use this name for your unique and odd Chocobo companion or mount.

Suggested Colors: Opo-Opo Brown, Russet Brown, Chocolate Brown, Acorn Brown

  • Astralrebel – For a hard-willed and strong Chocobo. Strength, ferociousness, and sheer will are the qualities of your Chocobo companion.

Suggested Colors: Marsh Green, Raptor Blue, Regal Purple, Void Blue

Funny Chocobo Name Ideas

Of course, we want humorous and cute name ideas for our beloved Chocobo mounts. Check out some of our famous Chocobo funny name suggestions below.

  • Haduken – Not only the Streetfighter reference but the word ‘ken’ is associated with the word chicken—which resembles a Chocobo.
  • Happyfeet – Is this a galloping or dancing Chocobo? Whatever that is, this name is perfect for a fast-running Chocobo racer.
  • Flappybird – From the famous and cringe game from the 2013 era, Flappybird greatly describes your Chocobo as a fun companion and, at the same time, stubborn.
  • Chickenrun – This name is perfect for your Chocobo mount especially if you participate in the Chocobo Racing competition.
  • Chocoborg – A name inspired by a cybernetic Chocobo. While such a creature does not exist, one cannot remove the possibility that robotic Chocobos are very likely.
  • Kwehkweh – A name inspired by the sound of the Chocobo.
  • Eggsheeran – This is one of the funniest names we have for the Chocobo. Maybe use this name for a talented singing Chocobo?
  • Expressway – Who would dare name their Chocobo Expressway? Us! This name greatly describes our Chocobo for being hasty and nimble.
  • Smaug – The dragon from the famous trilogy movie The Hobbit. Well, we are not saying that your Chocobo is dragon-like, but why not? Paint your Chocobo feathers with shades of crimson and brown and name it Smaug!
  • Arnold – We just think that a Chocobo named Arnold is funny. That’s all there is to it.

The Chocobo in Other Final Fantasy Games

There are over 16 main Final Fantasy titles since their release in 1987, including seven separate main series-related games and other related title subgames such as the Final Fantasy Tactics and card games. Of all these games to ever existed, the Chocobo remains a dominant preexisting creature inside the game and remains to be the iconic figure of any Final Fantasy game.

The Chocobo character became a mainstream playable character on separate spin-off games called the Chocobo Series. The Chocobo series is a collection of different titled games where the main protagonist of the story is a Chocobo. With games like this, sometimes a player might find it hard to think of possible names for a Chocobo character. Whether you are playing the main Final Fantasy titles, or a spin-off Chocobo series, name generators are proven to be useful for providing name ideas or recommendations. You may try our FFXIV Chocobo Name Generator that we introduced on top of the page for some free random generated name ideas for the Chocobo. It’s easy to use and free!

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