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The Shadar-kai is an Elf race variant who are bound to serve the godlike Raven Queen of the Shadowfell or the Plane of Shadow. They were the elves who fell with the Raven Queen during a catastrophic phenomenon that occurred after the queen herself turned her wrath into the corrupted Elf wizards who wished to possess the same power like hers.

The Raven Queen is considered a mysterious being with many forms that even scholars and wizards have contradictive claims on her appearance. The Raven Queen was also branded the Goddess of Death from DnD Player’s Handbook 4th Edition. The Raven Queen symbol is a side stamp-view of a Raven with a ferocious eye.

Shadar-kai Name Generator

  • Irro
  • Trixana
  • VarieleBrifyra
  • Quaxis
  • Vavlalli
  • Ilari

Black elf

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In this name guide, we’ll discuss the origin of the Raven Queen and their devout servants, the Shadar-kai. Who is the Shadar-kai? Where do they come from? And what makes them different from the rest of the Elves? Additionally, we’ll provide you with some of the best Shadar-kai names that players can use when role-playing as an Elf with Shadar-kai as their variant. 

You’ll discover interesting racial traits of the Shadar-kai so you can get a better grasp of using them in-game. Moreover, we have a free online DnD 5e Shadar-kai Name Generator that players can use in naming their Shadar-kai characters.

The Raven Queen and the Shadar-kai

It is said that the Raven Queen’s original name was long forgotten in the history of the Elves. She once lived as an Elf Queen, loved and praised dearly by her people more than the gods themselves. When Corellon and Lolth started to wage war with one another, it was she who attempted to use souls and magic from her people to ascend herself to godlike status to attempt to persuade both pantheons in ending their conflicts. Much about these legends were incomplete and the real motives of the queen are never fully disclosed nor understood.

The Birth of the Raven Queen and the Shadar-kai

As the queen herself become more influential and powerful, many Elves became inspired and started to follow her. They freely offered their souls and abilities in helping her achieve her goals of being godlike. These elves who devoted themselves to the queen called themselves the Shadar-kai, gathering other Elves with the same beliefs as theirs hoping that the revered queen can finally unify all the Elves by ending the conflict of Corellon and Lolth. 

Originally, the queen planned to use the souls and magic of the Shadar-kai to create a pathway from the Feywild to Arvandor—while increasing her profound influence. While the Shadar-kai numbers grew, a group of evil wizards from her followers attempted to imitate the queen’s rituals and started siphoning energies from the Shadar-kai for themselves. The ritual imparted them magical powers much greater than all known Elven wizards of legends. As the queen approaches the entrance to Arvandor, she noticed what the wizards were doing and brought all her wrath upon them while they perform the ritual. The ritual was apprehended, but at a terrible cost of draining her strength. The queen now feels twisted magical energy consuming her and she could not stop it. It pulled the queen and all who follow her into the Shadowfell, and there she immediately died. From her devastated remains and still existing mind, the Raven Queen was born.

The Shadar-kai, on the other hand, was pulled with the queen into the Shadowfell. They watched as the once-revered queen fell into a deeper madness. From this realm, the Raven Queen founded her fortress, the Fortress of Memories, and fed herself with stray memories to retain her form. The Shadar-kai was cursed to forever serve the Raven Queen and they are too terrified of the queen itself. They dwell outside the Fortress of Memories and satisfy themselves by just commemorating their old life when the light was still within them as Elves. 

Shadar-kai Appearance

When the Shadar-kai were pulled to the Shadowfell, their bodies and faces became old and withered, which depicts that terrible magic stripped them away from their former Elven beauty. To hide their demise, most of them wear masks made from metal or wood. When a Shadar-kai is sent away from the Shadowfell, they take younger appearances similar to other Elves, but their skin remains pale and deathly. 

Shadar-kai as an Elf Subrace for DnD 5e

As an addition to the Subraces from the Player’s Handbook such as the Wood Elves, the High Elves, and the Dark Elves, the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes provide additional subraces for the ELves that players can choose from. This, however, is at the discretion of the Dungeon Master and may or may not be considered in each world. These additional races are the Eladrin, the Sea Elf, and the Shadar-kai.

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Shadar-kai Racial Traits

Below is a summary of Shadar-kai’s racial features and ability traits. Take note that Shadar-kai shares common traits with their Elven cousin in terms of Age, Alignment, Size, Speed, and Language.

Generic Elf TraitsEffect
AgeAll Elves reach physical maturity as with humans, but Elves’ understanding of adulthood is beyond physical. They consider themselves adults at the age of 100 and can live up to 750 years old.
AlignmentElves, regardless of their subrace, loves freedom and self-expression. They linger to the gentler aspects of chaos than to the extremities. As much as they love freedom, they also tend to value and protect other’s freedom like their own and they are most likely to be good.
SizeMedium-sized. Elves have slender body builds and can reach a height under 5 feet to over 6 feet.
SpeedElf’s base walking speed is 30 feet.
Shadar-kai TraitsEffect
Ability Score IncreaseThe Shadar-kai has a bonus +1 to Constitution ability score.
Necrotic ResistanceShadar-kai’s exposure to the Shadowfell made them more resistant to any forms of necrotic damage.
Blessing of the Raven Queen

Shadar-kai enjoys new abilities bestowed upon them by the Raven Queen.

As a bonus action, a Shadar-kai character can teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space they can see. Once this trait has been exhausted, it can only be reused after finishing a long rest.

Additionally, starting at the 3rd level, the Shadar-kai gain resistance to all damage when they teleport using this trait. This resistance lasts until the start of their next turn. During this time, the Shadar-kai appears ghostly and translucent.

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Shadar-kai Names

Shadar-kai were also Elves who followed the Raven Queen even before they fell into the Plane of Shadow. This means that the same naming conventions of the Elves apply to them. Their names should be melodic, Elf-like, and has a nice rhythm. Other names may also tend to sound harsher, similar to Drow Elf names. Personalities or their feats dictate what names they should have as they mature and become adults, while some retain their childhood names.

Male Shadar-kai Names

  • Ahdor (/ah-dor/)
  • Erglhan (/er-glan/)
  • Yorradan (/yo-ra-dan/)
  • Syldamen (/sil-da-men/)
  • Thenzag (/ten-zag/)

Meliazas (/mel-ya-zas/) – Also known as Meliazas il’Saran or Melizas the Discreet. He is one of the loyal Shadar-kai spies of the Raven Queen tasked with gathering information and intelligence about the surface world. 

Female Shadar-kai Names

  • Osharaa (/o-shar-a/)
  • Rivenna (ri-ve-na/)
  • Yekkel (/ye-kel/)
  • Zelhea (/ze-le-ya/)
  • Celerona (/ke-le-ro-na/)

Vometha (/vo-me-ta/) – Known to be one of the forgiven Nagpas who were reverted from their vulturish form into a loyal Shadar-kai. She is one of the powerful wizards who coveted the souls and magic that the queen siphoned before she became the Raven Queen.

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Raven Queen Warlock

A Raven Queen Warlock is a custom-made character that patronizes the Raven Queen as its main deity. Upon creating a Warlock class character, players are obligated to choose their patrons. From the Player’s Handbook 5th Edition, only the Archfey, the Fiend, and the Great Old One are the available patrons to choose from at 1st levels.

There are other variations for these patrons that players can choose from, one of them including the Raven Queen as their patron. Please note that a Raven Queen Warlock can be of any race, not only Shadar-kai characters. The Raven Queen Warlock patron provides an Expanded Spell List as summarized below:

Spell LevelSpell
1stFalse Life, Sanctuary
2ndSilence, Spiritual Weapon
3rdFeign Death, Speak with Dead
4th Ice Storm, Locate Creature
5th Commune, Cone of Cold
Added TraitsEffect
Sentinel Raven

At 1st level, the Warlock gains the service of a Raven spirit. The Warlock can command the Raven telepathically within 100 feet.

If the Raven is perched on the Warlock’s shoulder, the Warlock gains darkvision with a range of 30 feet, adding a bonus passive Wisdom (Perception) check. The bonus is equal to the Charisma modifier.

The Raven can’t be targeted by any attack or other harmful effects when perched on the Warlock’s shoulder.

The Warlock can see through Raven’s eye and hears what it hears within 100 feet.

In combat, roll initiatives and how the Raven acts are controlled by the Warlock. If the Raven is slain by a creature, the Warlock gains an advantage on all attack rolls against the killer for the next 24 hours.

The Raven does not require sleep and can awaken the Warlock as a bonus action. It vanishes when it dies, if the Warlock dies, or if the Warlock and Raven are separated by more than 5 miles.

At the end of a short or long rest, the Raven can be called back to the Warlock no matter where it is or if it died. The Raven appears within 5 feet of the Warlock.

Soul of the Raven

Starting at the 6th level, the Warlock gains the ability to merge with a Raven spirit. When the summoned Raven is perched on the Warlock’s shoulder, its body merges with the Raven producing a Raven form. While merged, the Warlock becomes Tiny in size, replace its speed with that of the Raven’s, and all your actions are replaced with Dash, Disengage, Dodge, Help, Hide, or Search.

During this time, the Warlock also gains the benefits of perching, and as an added action, returns the Raven and the Warlock to normal.

Raven’s ShieldStarting at the 10th level, the Raven Queen will grant the Warlock a protective blessing. The Warlock gain advantage on death saving throws, immunity to frightened conditions, and resistance to necrotic damage.
Queen’s Right Hand

At the 14th level, the Raven Queen Warlock can channel the Raven Queen’s power to slay a creature. The Warlock can cast Finger of Death.

After casting this spell, it can only be used again after finishing a long rest.

How about considering a Shadar-kai Elf under the Warlock class with the Raven Queen as its patron? It will be proven to have many benefits for your character by doing this combination. Besides, a Raven Queen Warlock that is a Shadar-kai will have great benefits against necrotic damage.

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