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In this article, we will share with you some useful information about ship names to help you pick your best ship name. You’ll get to know the brief history of ships, and how ship naming is traditionally done in the past and today. If you’re looking for the best ship name guide, you came to the right place! All you have to do is read on.

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  1. Naming a ship is crucial and offers a legacy for the vessel.
  2. Ships have been named after female deities due to their association with calmness and nurturing, and this tradition has been passed down to modern times.
  3. Naming conventions for ships can vary, and male names, adjectives/nouns, prefixes, and inspirational things/people can all be used as names.
  4. Examples of good ship names to consider include Serene, Ace of Hearts, and Goldrush.
  5. Cool pirate ship names include One-eyed Parrot, Wrecking Ball, and The Gold Mariner.
  6. Funny ship names are also popular, such as ‘lil Vomit and The Laughing Stock.
  7. Some of the oldest ship names include Victoria, La Santa María de la Inmaculada Concepción, Mayflower, and Queen Anne’s Revenge.
  8. Choosing the right ship name can be crucial for creating a legacy for the vessel.

Ship Name Generator

  • Triton Corsair
  • Poseidon Leviathan
  • Pegasus Swiftwind
  • Triton Elysium
  • Nautilus Empress
  • Nautilus Valiant
cool ship names

Brief History of Ships

In the past ages, boats are to transfer goods from one point to the other. It was later on used for warfare to transfer troops and carry them across rivers and seas. Most of these boats break easily and are often disposable. But with the advancement in technology and warfare, naval ships became an alternative substitute to the smaller boats. 

The earliest record of boat designs and usage dates back to Egypt around 4000 years ago. Egyptian boats are used to transport goods along the Nile River. Egyptians also created a larger and bulkier boat to voyage outside the Nile. These are the earliest known ships ever created. It was also the Egyptians who conceptualized the use of mast, resulting in the modern-day design of a sailing ship. Many innovations of the early boat designs were made by the Greeks, Persians, Chinese, and Romans in the following millennia. Warships, cargo ships, speed boats, and transport ships were a product of ship innovation.

History of Naming Ships 

Naming ships had been a common practice among ship makers and owners across the globe. There is written evidence that ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians, and Babylonians name their ships as part of their rites before using them in action. Religion also played an important role in why the ships were named. Mariners and captains pray to the gods and goddesses to protect their ships during the voyage. It is easier for them to direct their prayers if their ship is named.

Today, the same practice is done to ships and they are named as part of its launching ceremony. And the most common choice for a ship name is a female name.

Why are Ships Named Female?

In the past, ships are generally named after female deities. It is said that female deities are calmer and forgiving compared to male deities. Since they consider the sea a huge and unforgiving force, having female names for their ships reminds the sailors of calm and peace.

Ships were also associated with a mother. Sailors believe that the ship will take care of her children (the crew) as they voyage across the seas. Even famous pirate ship names are coined after female names. Pirates often call their ships mothership, because the vessel itself serves as their vessel and home. This naming tradition has been passed on many times and were still being used in naming modern ships today.

Ship Naming Conventions

Despite ships usually being named with female names, it is not mandatory or required in ship naming. Other naming conventions can be used today to provide names for ships.

  1. Ships may also be named after male names. Most ships with male names are warships and destroyers. But male ship names also exist on small yachts, transport ships, cruise ships, and carriers. There are no written rules that prohibit the use of male names on ships.
  2. Ship names can be derived from adjectives and nouns. Ship naming can also be creative. There are unique ship names that use adjectives and nouns for their beloved vessel. Examples are The Blue Royal, Sunny Day, and Longbow.
  3. Ship names have prefixes. Ship prefixes are used to identify the purpose or usage of the ship. The most commonly used prefixes are MS (motor ship), MT (motor tanker), SV (sailing vessel), and MV (motor vessel). In application, ship names can be: MS Holiday, or SV Princess of the Star.
  4. Ship names can be derived from inspirational things or influential people. Contrary to the traditional naming convention, ships may also be named after inspirational things or great people in history. For example, a captain may name his ship The Long Dream, if he has likened the concept of dreams to names and relate it to long voyages. On the other hand, one can name their ship Manny Pacman, after Manny Pacquiao, a very famous boxer. 

Top Famous Pirate Ship Names

The 17th century is considered the Golden Age of Piracy. In this era, pirates have become rampant throughout the Caribbean and the Atlantic regions. Piracy is an act of robbery that often happens on the seas. It is a ship-to-ship raid where an unwary transport ship is boarded by robbers. People who do piracy are called Pirates. Pirates may also target coastal trade posts and small villages and use their ships as a quick getaway from authorities. Below are some of the famous pirate ships you probably heard of before.

The Black Pearl
The Black Pearl, also known as the Wicked Wench, is a pirate ship introduced in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Despite its popularity, this pirate ship is fictional that only existed in the said movie. It is captained by Captain Jack Sparrow (portrayed by Johnny Depp) and earned the title “uncatchable”, being able to escape most pursuits of authorities or other pirates.

Ship Names Generator

The Queen Anne’s Revenge
Queen Anne’s Revenge become well-known as a pirate ship owned by Edward Teach, famously known as Blackbeard. The ship was a captured French vessel and was upgraded as a warship by Blackbeard and his pirate crews. Throughout the year 1717, Queen Anne’s Revenge scourged the major routes of the French and British shipping vessels until it was finally sunk in 1718.

The Royal Fortune
Of all the many pirate ships known in the 18th century, the Royal Fortune is the most unusual. It is always a different ship from time to time. The Royal Fortune is a group of several flagships taken by Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts. Each time his flagship is destroyed, he just replaces it with a new stolen flagship and renames it “Royal Fortune”. Black Bert was killed during a raid aboard one of his largest “Royal Fortune” in 1722.

The Revenge
The Revenge was bought and owned by Major Stede Bonnet. Contrary to most pirates, Stede Bonnet was a wealthy citizen, owning a huge plantation in Barbados. When he reached his 30th year, he suddenly decided to become a pirate. He bought a huge ship and named it Revenge. After he commissioned the ship, he immediately turned to piracy, hiring much willing crew to join his trip. Stede Bonnet was captured and executed in 1718 after Blackbeard betrayed him and took his ship as his own. 

The Adventure Galley
Captain William Kidd was a privateer (a commissioned pirate, or mercenary) that have been earning renown for quite some time in 1696. He was able to capture a large French ship when he was commissioned by the English. In the same year, he persuaded some of his wealthy acquaintances to fund his privateering expedition. He was tasked to target specific pirates and any enemy French vessels. He voyaged with a 34-gun warship named Adventure Galley and hunted some French vessels and pirates. However, he failed to attack some vessels on sight and was even outmaneuvered by small pirate ships. He, later on, resorted to piracy because he can no longer pay for his crew and the ship’s maintenance. He returned to New York after a series of piracy where he was sentenced to death by hanging.

Using Ship Name Generator

There are way too many ship names that can be found over the internet, and sometimes it is too tiring to find the best name for your ship. A good alternative for this problem is by using a ship name generator.

Our Ship name generator is an Ai-powered tool designed specifically to provide unique names for ships. It follows all the possible naming conventions to produce unique names for its users. Since these are AI-generated, the generator ship names remain unique and on-point. 

A ship name generator is a convenient way to find the best ship names for you. It saves us time in thinking of names and suggests ideas or concepts of ship names. 

Below are some examples of generated names using a ship name generator.

Examples of Good Ship Names

  • Serene
  • Express Lady
  • Dutchess Sarah
  • Curtainfall
  • Hallowland
  • Mariner

Cool Names for Pirate Ship

  • Jewelist
  • Halberd
  • The Rebellion
  • The Rally
  • The Harbinger
  • The Gold Mariner

Some Funny Ship Names

Funny ship names are also a thing today. Some owners like giving funny nicknames for their strong personal ships. Below are some of the best examples.

  • Ariana Grande
  • M.V. Fake News
  • Fast and the Furious
  • The Laughing Stock
  • Johnny Deep
  • The Sleeping Hazard

Examples of Cruise Ship Names

  • M.V. Princess
  • S.S. Adriana
  • M.V. Harmony and Breeze
  • The Royal Wonder
  • The Odyssey
  • Viking Albatros

Oldest Ship Names

Viking Ship Names

The Vikings are considered one of the earliest fearsome pirates in the early 8th century to 11th century. The Norsemen, or Northmen perform raids during summer months where seas are calm and safe. It became their common activity to raid coastal villages and pillage their riches and take slaves. The Vikings used an iconic Longship designed for fast travel and ramming. 

Did the Vikings Name Their Ships?

Like other civilizations, the Vikings also have the tradition of naming their longships. Most ships they named are special ships that are built for kings. There are also Viking ships that were named by the Jarl as he owned many of them. Below are some of the famous Viking ship names to exist.

    • Ormen Lange – built for King Olav Tryggvason in AD996
    • Visund – built for King Olav Haraldsson of Norway.
    • Skidbladnir – mentioned in Norse mythology as Frey’s magical ship.
    • Seagammr – meaning “Sea Vulture”
    • Segltrani – meaning “Sail Craine”
    • Barden – built for Earl Eirik of Norway in AD990. It is designed to attack in the sea, with its tip made up of sharp iron for ramming other boats.

Other Famous Ship Names You Can Google!

  • RMS Mauretania
  • USS Thresher
  • Charlotte
  • Sultana
  • MV Doña Paz
  • Cutty Sark
  • Britannic
  • Empress of Ireland
  • MV Princess of the Stars
  • Ever Given
  • La Pinta
  • Star of India
  • Dancing Molly
  • CSS Alabama
  • The Golden Hinde

Introducing: The Ship Name Generator

There are way too many ship names that can be found over the internet, and sometimes it is too tiring to find the best name for your ship. A good alternative for this problem is by using a ship name generator. A Ship name generator is an Ai-powered tool designed specifically to provide unique names for ships. It follows all the possible naming conventions that ship names follow and provides unique and unused names for its users. Since these are AI-generated, the provided names are as unique as possible without repetition or conflict with other name generators.

A ship name generator is a convenient way to find the best ship names for you. It saves you time in thinking of names and most of all, it can give ideas or concepts that one can use in creating their original ship names. And the best part about ship name generators? They are free to use and very user-friendly!

Below are some examples of generated names using a ship name generator.

Ship Name Generator Suggestions:

Fort William

The Unseen




The Black


The Ghurka



Good Fortune


The Taku



The Argosy




The Bradfield





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