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In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, Orcs are described as savages and fearless barbaric creatures. Few to no settlements survive an organized Orcish invasion. Only a handful of skillful men or elves can fight back against Orcs. They are pure brute strength and ferociousness. They dissent civilized races and prefer the satisfaction of glory in battles. They live to fight, conquer and appease Gruumsh, their deity, and creator.

We’ll talk more about the DnD 5e Orc race in the following sections. On top of that, we’ll guide you to a list of our Top 10 Best Male and Female Orc names and Top 10 Best Orc Clan names. Let’s not forget some bonus Funny DnD Orc names and Ranking of our Top 10 Best Orc Names.

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The Children of Gruumsh

Gruumsh One-Eye is the pantheon deity of the Orcs. He created the orcs to amass an army to wreak havoc on the gods and their creations that disdained him. He chooses few worthy Orcs to be recalled to the planes of Acheron and include them in his armies. Orcs believe that fighting brings honor to Gruumsh. They were taught that glory and honor through endless battles are the only way for Gruumsh to notice them. Chosen Orcs are visited personally by Gruumsh through dreams or apparitions. This encounter transforms the Orc psychologically and physically, turning them mad or imbued with supernatural powers to become leaders of the tribe.

To sustain these beliefs, Orcs commonly raid neighboring villages or towns. Although they believe this to be a holy crusade, they also believe that the world should be theirs. Strength above all else is the greatest trait any creature should possess. The strong bully the weak and the weak must be exterminated on the face of the earth. They treat weakness as a disease, something they see on the other race that they wish to cure- through eradication. Oh, dear…

 D&D 5e also described the Orcs as vicious raiders and conquerors. They have natural brute strength, aggressive movements, and intimidating features. They can also increase further their strength to adapt to different situations.

Below is the summary of Orc’s racial features and traits based on Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Do note that Orc traits may vary depending on the accessory game guide used by the players.

Skill Trait

Ability Score


Strength above all else is what matters most to Orcs. They have a bonus +2 in Strength, +1 in Constitution, but a deduction of -1 to Intelligence. Who needs brains if you can just muscle them?


Orcs are forced themselves to build strength and physique at an early age. They mature at the age of 12 and live up to 50 years old.


They believe that the world should be dominated by the strong and weaklings should be erased. They are Chaotic Evil with disregard to ethics and respect.


Medium-sized. They are over 6 feet tall and can weigh between 230 to 280 pounds.


The Orc’s base walking speed is 30 feet.


Orcs are adept hunters even in the shroud of darkness. They can see in dim light within 60 feet and see it as bright light. While total darkness is like dim light. They cannot discern colors in darkness, however.


Orcs can smell fear from weaker foes. It stimulates their nerves and angers them even further. Increases Orc’s speed toward an enemy choice that it can see or hear. The Orc must end this move closer to the enemy where they started.


Orcs do not make jokes. They bash skulls and skin weaklings. They are trained well with the Intimidation Skill.

Powerful Build

Orcs brute strength allows them to increase further their carrying capacity and physical actions such as pushing, dragging, or lifting objects. Orcs count as one size larger when determining carrying capacity and degree of push, drag, and lift.


Orcs can speak, read, and write in Common and Orcish language.

Name suggestions coming up! Take a shortcut and use our Orc Name Generator for some quick Orc name suggestions.

Best DnD Male Orc Names

Orc culture is centered on displaying strength and power. The most powerful in the tribe is the leader, and no other Orc can replace him unless he was killed. Plus, they have a culture of fanaticism towards their deity, making them even more dangerous. In the following section, we’ll suggest Orc names that are fit with their culture and description. Check out some of the D&D Male Orc names below.




This Orc name is referenced to a loud cry or growl. Pick this name for a ferocious Orc whose battle cries send enemies fleeing from fear.

“Graal! Graal!” Screams the Orc flaunting his own name.



This Orc name is fit for a character that displays loyalty and faith to his chieftain, even if it cost his own life.

“Brolk!” cried the Chieftain. “Slay thy enemies in my name!”



This male Orc is a proficient hunter who enjoys killing unwary travelers.

“Who’s there?” said the guardsman. “Are we being followed?” he asked. But no one answered. He looked behind the caravan. His client is dead.



A guerilla Orc who often raids isolated encampments. He assures that every lost camper is set to his prison to be killed in his mini gladiator arena.

“Fight to the death!” said Noshk, as he watches from the top of his stronghold. “Or death will fight you.”



This Orc name refers to someone being berserk. This Orc is tied in chains and is released by the chieftain in the heat of battle.

“Grauva, ur pareg ga hagar tum ba” (sire, the walls of the city have fallen)

“Vralieb ug Kahassk” (release Kahassk)



Meaning “Pride”. This name is suitable for Orcs who have proven themselves in countless battles.

Dagga claimed hundreds of Orc heads and hundreds of Humanoid heads.



Meaning “Basher”. This Orc name is for strong characters who relish each kill by bashing the skulls of their opponents.

He admires strong foes and he honors them by bashing their skulls when defeated.



An Orc name fit for a leader or a chieftain. Pick this Orc name for characters that lead the tribe to more glory and wars.

No Orc soldiers defy the orders of Rasg the Invader.



Pick this Orc name for characters who resolves any problem with his fist and rage.

“So, what did you do to the dwarf who never lends you his axe?” ask Bolgo.

“Punch him in the face,” Maug replied. “But he’s dead!” Bolgo exclaimed.



A savage Orc. Pick this Orc name for a brute character who has overwhelming strength but lacks intellect and common sense…

“Krosto what are you doing? I told you to destroy the gates!” said the chieftain. “But the gate does not fight back! I don’t want it!” Krotos replied.

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Best DnD Female Orc Names

Female Orcs are as hardy and brute as male Orcs. There is no direct difference between male and female Orcs in terms of their nature, beliefs, and culture aside from their gender. Check out some DnD Female Orc name suggestions below.




This female Orc name is for agile characters who like stalking their fleeing enemies and joyfully kill them while begging for mercy.

 “Run! Run! That’s it. Run! If you can.” Nagai smirks as she let loose the bindings of her elven prisoners. “You will never see the sun again,” she added.



Meaning “Best”. This female Orc name is fit for characters who consider themselves superior and unmatched in battle.

She raised her axe and yelled “Ulra Egen!”, “I am Best” as understood by her fellow Orcs.



Choose this female Orc name for characters who lead the front line in storming the streets and keeps of fallen strongholds.

Kandu is a veteran Orc berserker assigned with only one task during a siege: to wipe every weakling she encounters within the castle walls.



Pick this Orc name for characters who have a slight affinity with magic and alchemy.

Few Orcs are born with a kinship of magic. It is a rare talent that sometimes Orc parents despise. Born with such a gift, Veyen serves the Halls of Worship of Gruumsh.



Also called the “Merciful”. Pick this name for Orc characters that shows mercy to their opponents… or not.

Nagra was branded “the Merciful” because of her taunting challenges to her prisoners: in exchange for freedom, one should be able to wound her in a duel or, at least scathe her. None was able to win such a challenge.



Choose this name for a powerful female Orc that can move boulders with a single punch, or cut a tree with a single strike.

Yvak was called “the Butcher” because of her violent ways of gutting a helpless war prisoner.



For shady and quiet Orcs who do not shout or roar, this Orc name is perfect.

“I am looking for a shady female Orc. Covers her mouth, wears a hood, carries the usual. Did you happen…” The bounty hunter’s words were interrupted by sudden cold steel at his throat and a strong grasp behind him. “Trug ra vage ulgrin?” (are you looking for me?)



The Pillager. Pick this name for female Orcs who likes to pillage for treasures on conquered fortresses. 

There are few Orcs who pry their eyes on treasures and gold. Not to make themselves rich, but to smelt them into powerful weapons and armors.



This female Orc name is for characters who like blunt weapons as a primary source of damage.

Lavaad has an odd liking for maces, Morningstar, and sledgehammers.

“I love breaking helms, that’s all” she explains.



Avaag somewhat translates to the word “Fury”. This name is befitting for female Orcs who fill the battlefield with the blood of fallen foes.

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Best Orc Clan Names

Orc surnames are provided based on the first name of their father. Examples: Grabat son of Gariv, Hshok daughter of Grabat, and so on. Yes, it means that Orc surnames are unique for each family from a certain father. However, allied families may fall under a single Tribe or Clan. In this section, we will create some suggested Clan Names that you can use to complete the characteristics and personality of your Orc character. The name will vary depending on the religious belief of the Clan (remember, Orcs are religious) or on their way of living in peace or in battle (although peace is not an option). We’ll also add some lore to create a solid description for each.

Check out some of the D&D Orc Clan Names below.

Clan Name
Short Lore



The Luth’Argans are devout followers of the mother-deity of the orcs, Luthic, mate of Gruumsh. The tribespeople from this Clan is female Orcs. They go to agreements with other clans to select strong male Orcs as mating partners. They do not believe in marriages and only consider mating as an act to reproduce female Orcs that resemble their deity. Any male Orcs born from this clan is immediately sacrificed to the Altars of Luthic.



The house of Thrasur belongs to the “Firga Thraka”, or Four Breakers. It is an alliance of the four strongest Orc family clans. Of the four clans from the alliance. the Thrasurs are known to be the most ferocious and savage.



The faithful worshippers of Bahgtru, the god of strength and power. Common Orc raiders who raid even the smallest settlements belong to this clan. They always wander the roads and mountains in search of enemies to fight- wild animals included.



The house of Xhrasar is one of the four families of Firga Thraka. Unlike the Thrasurs, they are calm, though not peaceful. Chieftains from this family are excellent strategists. They are the leading commanders of an organized siege against humans and elven fortresses.



The Vog’sor clan is the first member of the Firga Thraka. Their forefather, Khan Egro Vog’sor, united the three conflicting clans under one alliance and founded the Firga Thraka. Members of this clan are great warriors feared by humanoids and Orcs alike.



Directly translates as “Sons of Ilneval” or “Children of Ilneval”. They are fervent followers of Ilneval, the Orc deity god of war. It was said that Orcs coming from this clan is the strongest, even at par with the Vog’sors in might and strength. One can notice an Orc belonging to this clan from their dreadful laughter while slaughtering enemies.


Orcs belonging to this house are the fewest in number. They are not a group of Orcs that are related to each other through family ties. They are a group of few chosen Orcs who are called to do the tidings of the Night Lord, Shargaas. Orcs from this clan are sinister and associated with assassinations and abductions of certain individuals coveted by Shargaas.



The Krawaal is the last member of the Firga Thraka. They are thought to be the weakest family among the four. However weak they may seem; they are a family of cunning berserkers who mindlessly charge the battlefield. Due to their lack of proper decision-making in battle, they are a common sight as a casualty.



The tribesmen of Dav’Oko are the most primitive among the other Orc clans. They use an ancient way of worshipping Gruumsh through battling with one another to produce an Orc Champion. The Orc Champion, and a selected one hundred Orcs, will represent the clan in any war campaigns they are invited to participate in.



The Graak clan specializes in Orc technologies and weaponry. Their clansmen are bigheaded and not masculine. They have Goblin blood in their veins which made them brighter compared to other Orcs. They are still savage, however.

A Guide to Funny Orc Names

Yes, Orcs are savage, brutal, berserk, etc. But why not put humor on them?  They may be killing machines, but they can still be stupid or naive… right? Orcs always look like they are ready to kill anyone around them. They like brawls and fistfights as a form of… camaraderie. They also drink monster blood for the belief of gaining its strength (eew). Speaking of beliefs, Orcs are superstitious. If you get a chance to converse with an Orc, you can easily scare them! (suddenly the bruteness is gone). There are few superstitions they believe such as three ravens are a good omen, spitting on your bed before sleeping is good luck (lol), or tributing elf ears please Gruumsh. Imagine what you can do to scare or control them by manipulating their superstitions.

Anyway, before some random Orcs come to claim my elf ears, let’s check out some of our suggested Funny Names for the Orc Race.

What makes it funny?


An Orc who retires from wars and fighting and decided to open a thrift shop. That’s an Orc for you for a change!


A War chief assistant… okay not that funny. But at least he is a chief.


An Orc with a mechanical arm. I am not saying that his name is just the reverse of a robot, okay?


OMG! It’s Oemgi!


This is an Orc name. It is definitely not from a Pokemon pun.


A yellowish, brute Orc that can harness electricity.


A very talkative Orc.


For a classic elf-hater Orc with a zest of modernized email username sample.


For non-stop action! Always on the go!


An emotional Orc. Most of the time he misses daily raids because they start early and he wakes up late. Oh well…

Try our D&D 5th Edition Orc Name Generator and you might encounter some funny names for your Orc character.

Top Orc Names Suggestions

We are now on the concluding part of this guide. You’re awesome if you didn’t skip and jumped here. For the following section, we ranked our Top 10 Best Orc names including their Clan names. The ranking is based on how “Orcish” the name sounds and how well it complements the Clan name in terms of lore. And a little bit of bias from us of course! We want some of these names to be used in the game!



Maug Thrasur


This Orc name is for characters who resolve any problems with their fist! The name complements the Thrasur clan where its tribesmen are known to be brutal and savage.


Nagai Hal’Ilneval


The female Orc name describes a ruthless warrior who likes to play with their prey before killing them. The House of Hal’Ilneval complements the name because tribesmen from this clan are known to laugh at other’s misery in meeting their end from an Orcish blade.


Graal Bahg’Arga


Loud growls while doing endless raids. This Orc name perfectly fits the description. We imagine it as a character who lived and grew from an Orc band that mercilessly raid surrounding villages and travelers.


Veyen Graak


Veyen is a female Orc who has an affinity with magic and alchemy. This also means that she has a higher intellect compared to other Orcs who prefer strength. The Graak tribe is a tribe known for the engineering and development of weaponry. The name and the clan perfectly complement each other.


Siiv Krawaal


Siiv is a female Orc who prefers talking with her blade. Aggressive, and quick to anger, she perfectly aligns with the Krawaal clan which are known to be reckless and aggressive. Although they are branded weak by other clans it doesn’t mean they are not cunning.


Krosto Dav’Oko


A simple name for a savage Orc who has overwhelming strength but lacks intellect. The description is a perfect fit for Orcs coming from the Dav’Oko clan. They are nothing but pure strength and uses the old ways of worshipping Gruumsh through combat.


Avaag Vog’sor


The Orc name for “fury”.  This name is for a skilled Orc warrior from the house of Vog’sor, where great Orc heroes and champions originated. The name Avaag complements the clan because of her superior skills in battle.


Kahassk Shar’Arga


We talk about the Shar’Arga as a sinister clan of chosen Orcs. Kahassk, on the other hand, is described as a special Orc that is gagged, tied in chains due to its savageness. We visualize Kahassk as an experimental result from the Shar’Arga clan and is used by warring Chieftains in battle.


Dagga Xhrasar


Dagga is depicted as someone with “Pride”. The clan of Xharasar is known to house wise Orcs and strategists. Only experienced Orcs will know better when it comes to battle plan and Dagga fits this role.


Nagra Luth’Arga


Only female Orcs belong to the clan of Luth’Arga. Nagra the Merciful is depicted as someone who gives ‘challenges’ to her prisoners in exchange for freedom. And that challenge is to duel her. Despite being female, she belongs to a clan that favors might at par with the males.

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