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Halfling Names

This DnD Halfling name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Halfling in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right Halfling name.
You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 

  • Paela Greenbottle
  • Paela Leagallow
  • Andry Tosscobble
  • Errich Tealeaf

female halfling

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About Race

Halflings are a short race, standing on average 3 feet tall. But their short stature does not mean halflings should be underestimated; they are capable and clever and well known for their bravery in the face of danger. That said, halflings are good at escaping to fight another day if the situation calls for it.

Halfling’s skin color ranges from tan to ruddy, and their hair tends to be shades of brown with a wavy texture. Their eyes can be brown or hazel. Some halfling males will sport sideburns, but beards and moustaches are not commonly seen on this race. Halflings favor simple, practical clothing though they like it to be colorful, reflecting their bright personalities.

Halflings are social creatures and try to get along with those around them. They are adept at fitting in with other races and making themselves valuable to others. Their natural stealth and peaceful nature mean they can blend in with just about any crowd.

Halflings are a cheerful lot, and nothing is more important to them than the simple pleasures of a comfortable home and their bonds with friends and family. Few halflings dream of a life filled with gold and glory, though some become adventurers out of necessity or out of a longing to see the wonders of the world.

Halflings tend to live in small communities and follow the direction of family elders. Their society does not feature a nobility or political leaders.

Halflings have a given name, a family name and usually a nickname, too. Nicknames which stick can transform into family names over the generations. While halflings have their own language, they use Common for most things and their names reflect this. Halfling family names are descriptive and carry a sense of the family’s history, while given names can be varied. Nicknames should capture a sense of the halfling’s personality.

Male Halfling Names

Male halfling names should be simple and strong, conveying the practical nature of the race. Here are some examples of male halfling names:

  • Furlan
  • Percival
  • Rufus
  • Filibert
  • Theadric
  • Adelard
  • Eldon
  • Griffo

For yet more examples of male halfling names, take a look at our male halfling name generator.

Female Halfling Names

Female halfling names should show femininity. You can draw upon the beauty of nature for female halfling names. Pretty flowers, for example, make good female halfling names. Here are some examples of female halfling names:

  • Belladonna
  • Peony
  • Amaryllis
  • Euphemia
  • Portia
  • Lavinia
  • Merla
  • Kithri

Surname\Clan Names

Halfling surnames should say something about the history of the halfling family. This could be a nod to their profession, a great feat carried out by an ancestor or even a funny nickname that has stuck over the years. Some examples of halfling family names are:

  • Greenbottle
  • Hornblower
  • Underbough
  • Goodbarrel
  • Hilltopple
  • Tightpurse
  • Meadmaker
  • Brightstep

For more examples of halfling surnames, check out our halfling surname generator.

Lightfoot Halfling Names

Lightfoot halflings are even stealthier than average. They also are the subrace most prone to wanderlust, so they can be seen amongst other races more than their cousins. Their names should be light on the tongue in the same way that this subrace is light on its feet. Some examples of lightfoot halfling names are:

  • Reed
  • Wellby
  • Rosco
  • Errich
  • Milo
  • Perrin
  • Lyle
  • Otho


Stout Halfling Names

Stout halflings tend to be hardier than their cousins. Some say that the stout line has some dwarvish blood in it. Stout halfling names should be heavier on the tongue than those of their cousins and should invoke the solid nature of this subrace. Some examples of stout halfling names are:

  • Bandobras
  • Hildegard
  • Flambard
  • Fastolph
  • Pimpernell
  • Aldagrim
  • Andwise
  • Halfred


Ghostwise Halfling Names

Ghostwise halflings are concerned with clan and family even more than the other subraces. Many live in nomadic communities and tend to be isolated from the outside world. Ghostwise halfling names should carry a little of the mystery of this subrace. Some examples of ghostwise halfling names are:

  • Minto
  • Morro
  • Peregrin
  • Lotho
  • Rorimac
  • Seredoc
  • Beau
  • Genrill


Halfling Nicknames

Nicknames are an important part of halfling culture and can even transform into family names if they really stick. Nicknames should be descriptive and reflect the personality of the halfling to whom they refer. Some examples of halfling nicknames are:

  • Silverbottom
  • Hairyhill
  • Quickale
  • Hottalker
  • Slybones
  • Simplestoat
  • Smoothpipe
  • Warmwind

If you’re looking for more ideas for halfling nicknames, check out our halfling nickname generator.


Funny Halfling Names

To make a funny name, you can choose a name which simply sounds funny, or you can incorporate the name into the character’s personality to create a funny contrast. You can also create a play on words which ties in with the character’s personality. Here are some examples of funny halfling names:

  • Cuthbert Tightpurse
  • Migeldy Hilltopple
  • Flimflom Beersbane
  • Justyn Case
  • Nevrin Tyme
  • Holdem Upwind
  • Benjy Sillystomp
  • Jimbo Messystep


Top halfling names

For a male halfling, our top name is:

Rufus Shorttower

Rufus gives the impression of a halfling who can be playful and silly, whose family lives in a squat tower ruin.

For a female halfling, we like the name

Amaryllis Meadmaker

Amaryllis gives a sense of the beauty of the halfling, and Meadmaker shows us that she is from a long line of mead brewers.

Perrin Tightpurse is our top pick for a lightfoot halfling name. Perrin’s ancestor was ridiculed for his miserly nature and the name stuck over the generations. Despite his surname, we imagine Perrin as a peaceful and generous halfling. 

For a stout halfling, we would choose the name Hildegard Goodbarrel. Hildegard’s name points to the dwarvish blood in her ancestry, and Goodbarrel tells us that she is a tavern keep’s daughter. It also reminds us of the barrel shaped stockiness of stout halflings.

Peregrin Warmwind is our choice for the best ghostwise halfling name. Peregrin hints towards the isolated and wild nature of this halfling, and his family took on the nickname of their first nomadic ancestor who would travel to wherever the wind blew warm.

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