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dnd goliath names

This DnD Goliath name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Goliath in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right Goliath name. This name generator of Goliath names will help you get started on your search. You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 

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About Goliath Race

Goliaths are known to be a reclusive and isolated race. It is rare to ever see a goliath, and rarer still to befriend one. Goliaths look to be carved from stone, which is a fitting metaphor given their resilience, harsh living conditions, and sheer physical power. Goliaths are massive in stature, standing between 7 and 8 feet tall. They have prominent bony ridges on their foreheads and their skin is tough and can be compared to stone, both in texture and in color.

Goliaths are naturally wandering spirits and tend to lead a nomadic lifestyle, moving around the stark mountain landscape in constant search of food and resources. Every individual goliath is expected to earn their place in the tribe. Survival is a challenge in their bleak mountain home, and no-one is willing to sacrifice their chances of survival to boost someone else’s. This leads to older and weaker goliaths either leave the tribe to die in the wilderness or being left behind when they can no longer keep up.

Self-sufficiency and skill are of utmost importance to the goliath race. Their focus on the skill makes them fiercely competitive, and they have a compulsive need to keep score. This can be a jarring trait for members of other races who find it difficult to understand the intensely competitive nature of the goliath race. Goliaths view defeat as a lesson and means that they need to try harder next time. The flip side of this, unfortunately, is a drive to outdo past efforts which can lead to reckless behavior. Few goliaths, therefore, live to old age.

For goliaths, a level playing field is important. They are not ones to cheat, and a victory based on trickery cannot be considered a victory at all. Goliaths believe that the most talented or skilled person should be the leader, not the one with the most money. They, therefore, tend to mock races whose societies are based on political or financial power, especially when those societies have weak leaders at their helm.

The nature of goliaths leads to a cycle of risk-seeking behavior as members of the tribe would much rather die in battle than of old age. There are typically very few older goliaths in any given tribe, and this leads to a lack of wisdom, potentially further exacerbating the cycle of dangerous behavior.

Male Goliath Names

There is normally no difference between male and female goliath names. Goliath first names can be used for either gender, however, you might want to name a male goliath with a slightly harsher or masculine-sounding name. Here are some ideas for male names:

  • Aurnihl
  • Ilmak
  • Kuhnil
  • Makan
  • Vaurok

For more male dnd goliath names, check out our goliath name generator.


Female Goliath Names

The goliath race sees males and females as complete equals and they do not understand the concept of dividing society based on gender. For a female goliath, you can use any birth name. However, you might prefer to choose a more feminine-sounding name for your goliath character. Here are some examples:

  • Anelia
  • Nithi
  • Pakea
  • Vaukea
  • Zanki


Goliath Nicknames

Nicknames are given to tribe members by their chief. The nickname usually refers to a notable deed, either a successful one or a failure that follows the goliath into adulthood. Goliath nicknames can change during their life, so redemption is always an option if a goliath earns an unfavorable nickname. Goliaths tend to use nicknames more than birth names in casual conversation.

  • Brokenaxe
  • Rainwatcher
  • Strongweaver
  • Truthseeker
  • Wildhunter


Goliath Tribe Names

Goliath culture centers around tribes. In the harsh mountains, goliaths call home, survival is difficult and usually only possible in groups. A goliath who cannot contribute to their clan is expelled and is unlikely to last very long on their own. Clan names tend to be at least 5 syllables long and normally end in a vowel. Here are some examples:

  • Akunapine
  • Minakukate
  • Nalakithino
  • Lakumavuna
  • Thulanakathi

To see more goliath tribe name ideas, take a look at our goliath name generator on top of the page.

Goliath Barbarian

Goliaths make natural barbarians, given their sheer strength, resilience, and love of battle. A goliath barbarian should have a nickname that shows their fearless deeds and recklessness. These nicknames can also be used for a female goliath barbarian, as goliaths see females as capable warriors as much as males. These are our ideas for barbarian names:

  • Battlechaser
  • Frightstalker
  • Heavyhauler
  • Ironfist
  • Stonecrusher

Funny Names

To make a funny goliath name, you can use nicknames to create funny contrasts. Here are some examples:

  • Cravenfist – we imagine this character as one who is all bluster but when it comes to it, they are a coward and do not uphold the goliath ideas of strength and battle power.
  • Dirteater – this would be a weak character who, despite their fearsome appearance, tends to lose every fight they take part in.
  • Blundermaker – this is a character who commits error after error and just cannot seem to get things right.
  • Slowstepper – this is a sedate and tranquil character who is not one to be rushed.
  • Tailchaser – this character finds it difficult to multitask and seems to always be chasing their tail.
  • Truthsbane – this is a sneaky and dishonest character who is known to have a silver tongue and rarely states the truth.


Top Names

Here are our picks for the top dnd goliath names:

  • Vaurok – this is our favorite male goliath name. It sounds harsh and masculine and suits the stony appearance of the goliath race.
  • Nithi – we prefer this name for female goliaths as it invokes the strength of the goliaths while also retaining a more feminine sound.
  • Wildhunter – we like this goliath nickname because it invokes the wild nature of the goliaths and their surroundings, while also painting the picture of a capable and strong hunter.
  • Thulanakathi – this is the best goliath tribe name because it hints at the strong and resilient nature of this race.
  • Frightstalker – this is our favorite goliath barbarian name as it shows the reckless nature of the goliath people, which is especially strong in barbarians.
  • Cravenfist – this is our top funny goliath name, as it creates the image of a character who falls sorely short of the goliath races’ ideals.


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