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This DnD Aarakocra name generator will help you find the right name for your character.
If you are using Aarakocra in your RPG game, then you will need to find the right name.
You can use the names as written or get ideas to help you brainstorm your options. In the post below, you will find more information that might help you find the perfect name you have been searching for. 


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About Aarakora Race 

DnD Aarakora, also known as birdfolk, are humanoid creatures that stand around 5 feet tall. They have the appearance of large birds with long legs ending in sharp talons. Their bodies are feathered, and the plumage can be an indicator of the tribe the individual belongs to. Males can be bright red, orange, or yellow. Like many birds, the females tend to have a more subtle coloration, normally brown or grey. Aarakora have eagle-like heads with sharp beaks and beady eyes.

Aarakora is originally from the Elemental Plane of Air, and because of this, they hold the freedom to fly above all else. They tend to make their homes in high mountains and tall trees, where they have the easiest access to the open sky. They often fly for long periods, using thermals to keep themselves aloft. 

Aarakora is known to be acrobatic fliers and show speed and grace in every maneuver. When fighting, they keep their distance until they swoop in to deliver a fast attack before flying to distance again. 

Aarakora hates to spend time on the ground. To one of the birdfolk, being trapped on the ground is a type of torture. To be confined is the worst nightmare of the Aarakora, and ultimately all they want is to fly free in peace and solitude. They only land to lay their eggs and rear their young. They find it difficult to understand earthbound creatures and believe the ability to fly is a great gift. They also believe that they are superior to other beings because of this gift.

The plumage is very important to an Aarakora, and they invest a lot of time in pruning and taking care of it. Pruning can also be a sign of affection between tribe members. Aarakora displaying well-tended, shiny, and colorful feathers have more social status than those that have a more bedraggled appearance.

Because of their marked otherness, Aarakora inspires fear and wonder into earthbound races. It is very rare for another race to meet an Aarakora because of their remote homes and their need for solitude and freedom, but when they do, they encounter a race with a very different way of thinking and acting. Even the speech patterns of the Aarakora are strange to the earthbound. There are certain sounds the birdfolk cannot pronounce as they don’t have lips, and their speech tends to feature chirps, clicks, and whistles. They use these sounds to punctuate their speech and to put emphasis on certain parts of their speech in the same way humans use facial expressions or body language. It can lead to major misunderstandings between them and earthbound creatures as many fail to pick up on the subtleties of Aarakora communication. 

Male Aarakocra Names

There is no great difference between the traditional Aarakora names for males and females, at least to the ears of earthbound creatures. However, when naming a male Aarakora character we think it’s best to use stronger sounding names, keeping in mind the limitations of the Aarakora language. Here are some examples: 

  • Kralah
  • Gazzik
  • Jakil
  • Tikog
  • Zeek

For more ideas of male Aarakora names, take a look at our Aarakora name generator.

Female Aarakocra Names

For female Aarakora we advise choosing names that sound a little softer than their male counterpart, again bearing in mind that the Aarakora have no lips and therefore cannot pronounce sounds like ‘p’, ‘b’ and ‘m’. Names which have clicks or trills are especially suitable.

  • Aira
  • Ikki
  • Kiri
  • Seera
  • Trili

Aarakocra Clan Names

Aarakora lives in units called tribes, which are led by chieftains. The Aarakora worship the air because their hearts can soar as they fly through it, and the sun for the warm thermals it provides, helping them to fly ever higher. For this reason, Aarakora tribe names might reference the sun, the sky or the air as a way of honoring the most important elements of Aarakora society. A tribe name might also reference the skill or strength of the tribe.
Here are some examples of Aarakora tribe names:

  • Cloudgrazer
  • Windglider
  • Razorclaw
  • Skyseer
  • Sunchild

For some more examples of Aarakora clan names, check out our Aarakora name generator.

Funny names 

We think that the tribe name can be a good way to create a funny Aarakora name. Here are some examples:

  • Chirp Chickenheart – this is a character that is cowardly and craven and will always choose the easy way out.
  • Dirk the Flightless – we imagine this character to have either been born without wings, which would be a great shame in a society that reveres flying, or his wings were taken from him as punishment for a great crime.
  • Pek Dullfeather – while most Aarakora takes great pride in their feathers, this is a character who does not much care about his plumage. He is too busy adventuring and battling to take time to prune.
  • Trix Quietclaw – we imagine this character to be an Aarakora rogue, and she is a tricky individual who is stealthy and silent in every endeavor.
  • Zipi Flutterby – this is a character renowned for her speed and her reluctance to touch the ground. Even when adventuring, she prefers to fly above or before the group, scouting with her birds’ eye view.

Top Names

We believe that a good Aarakora name should hint at the free spirit of this race while also showing the clipped, chirping nature of their language. For a male Aarakora, we think that Jakil and Zeek are the best names because they sound chirpy yet strong. For a female Aarakora, we think that Ikki and Kiri are best. These names are soft and cute. For Aarakora clan names, we prefer Razorclaw and Sunchild. Razorclaw would be a good name for an Aarakora warrior as it hints at the fierce talons this tribe is gifted with. We like Sunchild because the sun is a key part of Aarakora society. We imagine this character to be a high-standing member of the tribe.

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