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It is said that the long-lost history of the origins of the Gnomes is attributed to the lost story of the Mechagnomes. Mechagnomes are the creation of Mimiron, often called “The Grand Architect”, in the titan-forged complex of Ulduar. Like the earthen, they are initially intended to work as caretakers and servants to the titan creators. During the betrayal of Keeper Loken, Mimiron was killed by Loken himself. The Mechagnomes rushed to save their master’s life by collecting Mimiron’s shattered soul and implanting it on a giant Mechagnome body. Despite this, they could not save their master. The remaining earthen and Mechagnomes left Ulduar and lived on the titan-forged facility of Uldaman.

Thousands of years before the Dark Portal, the Old God Yogg-Saron spread the Curse of Flesh to curse the creations of the titans. The Mechagnomes from Uldaman ultimately suffered the curse and became flesh beings that are now known today as Gnomes. They lost all their sense of purpose and have forgotten their history in the process. Those who were left and still resided on the Storm Peaks of Northrend were unaffected by the Curse of Flesh and retained their characteristics.

In this guide, we’ll get to know a summary about the Mechagnomes’ short history during the wars and how they can be unlocked as a playable character in-game. The guide will also tackle their appearance, racial traits, and available classes for the Mechagnome race. We’ll also create a list of our Top WOW Male and Female Mechagnome Names, a list of some Funny Mechagnome Names, and a ranking of the Top 10 Best Mechagnome Name Suggestions. You may also visit our WOW Mechagnome Name Generator for some quick Mechagnome name references and ideas.

The Mechagon Mechagnomes

It was introduced in the introductory part that Mechagnomes are direct descendants of the Gnomes. As to what happened to the Mechagnomes of Storm Peaks is another story to tell. Moving forward to the days of the Fourth War between the Alliance and the Horde, both factions discovered the remote island of Mechagon. Here, a group of gnomes who has partial mechanical implants on their bodies inhabits the island and was ruled by King Mechagon. These hybrid Gnomes are also called Mechagon Mechagnomes or simply a Mechagnome; much like how their ancestors were called. The Mechagnomes from this island are either partially mechanical to fully mechanical. It is said that on the island, the more sophisticated and advanced the implants of a Mechagnome, the higher their social status becomes.

400 years ago, King Mechagon and his followers searched for a mystical land said to be composed of endless technology. He did not leave any clue as to where he was going and as years pass by, his legend was eventually forgotten. His motives for this search originated from his vision to revert the Curse of Flesh that plagued the Gnomes since time immemorial. King Mechagon founded a new island in an isolated location which he now calls Mechagon Island, named after himself. In his newly found kingdom, Gnomes are expected to revert their physical attributes and transform them into mechanical parts. He outlaws any non-mechanical creature and beasts. He ordered his soldiers to arrest anything that does not comply with this requirement, including innocent creatures such as rabbits, squirrels, and fishes. He puts these creatures on trial and forcefully order most of them to be mechanized, exiled, or executed.

Prince Erazmin, the son of King Mechagon, opposed his father’s ambition for a purely mechanized world. He formed the Rustbolt Resistance which was later aided by the adventurers [Alliance/Horde player] when they discovered access to the Mechagon Islands.

Unlocking the Mechagnomes in World of Warcraft

Unlocking the Mechagnomes as a playable character race requires two conditions: A player must earn the Exalted status with the Rustbolt Resistance; And complete the Mechagon storyline.

Allied Races: Mechagnomes

Upon founding the Rustbolt Resistance, Prince Erazmin was offered aid from the Alliance and Horde. Tinkmaster Overspark is the leader of the Alliance while the Horde is led by Gazlowe. The prince hopefully requested both factions to set aside their differences and fight together. King Mechagon died during these events and his plans to “cure” the Curse of Flesh were thwarted. The Alliance adventurer is then tasked with helping to revive the injured High Tinker of the Gnomes, Gelbin Mekkatorque, who was kept frozen since the Battle of Dazar’alor. After they revived the High Tinker, the Alliance adventurer and Prince Erazmin restored the High Tinker’s mental function. Upon retrieving his consciousness, The High Tinker rejoined the Alliance and returned to Mechagon city to eliminate the remaining loyalist of King Mechagon. Prince Erazmin expressed his undying gratitude with the Alliance adventurer and with the High Tinker. Erazmin proposed that Mechagon, as a whole, should be reunited with Gnomeregan, with High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque as their sole leader. Mekkatorque agreed and this officially marked the joining of the Mechagnomes to the Alliance faction.

Players will receive the Allied Races: Mechagnome achievement when they completed this series of quest lines and unlocks the Mechagnome as a playable character in-game. A player can acquire an unlockable Mechagnome Heritage Armor by reaching level 50 without character boosting. This also includes the Heritage of the Mechagnome Feat of Strength. Also, note that these items can only be transmogged by Mechagnome characters.

Mechagnomes Appearance

The ancient Mechagnomes created by Mimiron are purely mechanical beings composed of metallic plates, screws, and runic lights. All facial features such as eyes, brows, and mustaches are mechanical. Gender is rumored to be non-existent because one cannot easily identify males from females because both are most likely very similar to one another. Their voices when responding sounded like a common Gnome but with a robotic tone to it.

Mechagon Mechagnomes are Gnomeregan Gnomes who received mechanical implants and modifications in Mechagon Island. Some of them are still Gnomes while others became purely mechanized from head to toe. Nevertheless, they still have Gnomish features such as height, torso, feet, and face.

WOW Mechagnomes Racial Traits and Classes

There are eight available classes for the Mechagnome race as summarized in the table below:


In-Game Role


In-Game Role


Tank or Melee Plate DPS


Ranged Cloth DPS


Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Ranged Cloth DPS


Melee Leather DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Leather DPS


Healer or Ranged Cloth DPS

Death Knight

Tank or Melee Plate DPS

(Available with the Shadowlands pre-order)

The Mechagnome Racial Traits are summarized below:



Hyper Organic Light Originator


Mechagnomes can use their advanced tech to duplicate themselves and distract enemies.

Upon activation, summons 2 Organic Light duplicates to distract enemies. Has a 3-minute cooldown.

Combat Analysis


Mechagnomes can scan and analyze combat data which increases their stats.

During combat, Mechagnomes increases their primary stat by 4 every 5 seconds. Stacks up to 8 times and decays when out of combat.



Mechagnome’s body contains surprising tools that no one expects!

Mechagnomes functions as a personal Blacksmith Anvil, Cooking Fire, and Mining Forge.  Their limbs also include every profession tool available.

Emergency Failsafe


Mechagnome has a Failsafe that they can use in case of emergencies when their HP drops in a certain percentage.

When HP falls below 20% of Max Health, heals the Mechagnome for 15% of their maximum health. This trait can only occur once every 2.5 minutes.

Skeleton Pinkie


Mechagnomes has a small functioning pinkie that they can use to open locked chests and doors on a similar level to them.

Game Suggestions: Mechagnomes are highly recommended for a tank role due to their Emergency Failsafe trait. However, the Combat Analysis also provides good sustaining damage and tank when doing combat; therefore, a Mechagnome that can sustain damage for longer periods is ideal while, at the same time, not sacrificing DPS. A Mechagnome DK, Mechagnome Warrior. And Mechagnome Monk is ideal for this scenario. The Hyper Organic Light Originator trait is good for distracting enemies and diverting focus away from the main Mechagnome. This skill is proven useful for squishy classes such as a Mechagnome Mage and Mechagnome Warlock. The rest of the classes are beneficial too and it is up to the players to experiment on it.

Mechagnome Names

Mechagnome names are also similar to Gnomeregan Gnome names. However, some Mechagon Mechagnomes modified their old Gnome names and created their nickname to indicate how mechanically oriented they are. This means that Mechagnomes can either have a generic Gnome name or a technology-related nickname.

Top 10 WOW Male Mechagnome Names






This Mechagnome name describes a male Gnome with an implanted robotic legs, capable of running a mile without stopping.

Bozig lost his legs during an excavation in one of the ruins in Mechagon Island. His legs were replaced by mechanical prosthetic legs and were renamed Blitzig.



This male Mechagnome name describes a semi-mechanical Gnome. He was forced to have implants in his right eye and right arm when he tried to report the atrocities of King Mechagon to Prince Erazmin.

Gregg saw the experiment laboratory hidden in the chambers of the throne room. In here, he witnessed some Gnomes being forced to take mechanical implants for their bodies—until he was caught and found himself in the same situation.



This Mechagnome name is for characters with fondness of gears and mechanisms.

Geartud modified his Skeleton Pinke into a Pinkie Phalanges allowing her tiny nimble fingers to create and repair clockwork watches and locks.



Also known by the title “Blast-eye Malanch”, he is one of the few  Mechagnomes who installed weaponry in his eyes.

He can cause a small blast in an area by using his left eye equipped with advanced light beams created from a small prism and a battery implanted at the back of his head.



This name is associated with a male Mechagnome with mechanical wheels as his feet.

Wheelo is one of the loyalists of King Mechagon. He was so proud to replace both his legs with mechanical wheels following the king’s decree.



This name is associated with a high-ranking Mechagnome in Mechagon Island.

The more mechanical parts a Mechagon has, the higher their social status becomes. Shardsky is known to be one of the luxurious Mechagnome for implanting rare shards and stones in his chest and forehead.



Also known as “Gnomolaround”  or an all-around Gnome. He mostly profits from selling new (and used) mechanical parts to Mechagnome patrons.

Gazmo is a renowned engineer in Gnomeregan and joined the expedition of King Mechagon for one reason: seeking technology and parts.



This name describes a skillful and powerful Mechagnome mage.

Boltaz utilizes both technology and mana to cast powerful spells. He connected his mechanical staff with his core battery to energize it and amplify spells.



This male Mechagnome is named after his habit of creating traps and dangerous pitfalls.

Trapwerk has an arsenal of devices and tools in his body which he uses to create spiked traps, electrical fences, digging pitfalls, and exploding mines. He makes an exceptional ally in cases of attrition and defense.



This name describes a male Mechagnome Monk who prefers melee combat with his self-engineered mechanical gauntlets.

Taze created a pair of gauntlets named The Tamer. It is a gauntlet with an electrical conduit that can electrocute enemies upon contact.

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Top 10 WOW Female Mechagnome Names






This female Mechagnome name describes a character who seeks power in form of natural energy or artificially made.

Wattzie is a known practitioner of warlock. She reanimated most dead Gnomes back to life when mechanical transformations are unsuccessful.



A female Mechagnome Rogue. She was known to create a stealth technology that allows her to mimic surrounding colors to hide.

Stata’s invention is top-secret and wasn’t shared with the Alliance when Mechagnomes rejoined their faction. It is said that most of her schematics were stolen by a certain Goblin.



This name is also written as “Semi-Ana”. She is a partially mechanized female Mechagnome where the whole skull and brain are fully mechanical while her entire body retained her Gnomish characteristics.

Ana is one of the many Gnomes forced to undergone mechanical transformations.



Formerly known as Beth, she was a curious and instinctive Mechagnome.

BethA or “Beth Version A” is one of the three cloned versions of Beth produced when she underwent body modifications. She separated her body containing three major thoughts from her brain: curious (A), intuitive (B), and courageous (C).



This female Mechagnome name describes a Mechagnome Hunter who has an artificial, yet keen, eye.

Ovena can fire her boomstick and predict the trajectory of her bullet using the Advanced Predictive Eye (APE) installed in her right eye socket.



A semi-mechanical-bodied female Mechagnome who undergone body modifications to overcome her severe injuries.

Fental was one of the crews of King Mechagon’s expedition to Mechagon Island. She became paralyzed when their scouting boat was ravaged by the waves, hitting her head in the process. Her successful body modification became a starting point for King Mechagon to believe that all Gnome must someday be mechanized as well in the future.



This female Mechagnome name describes a foolish and hyperactive character. Rotora is so impulsive, she decided to put a motor in her right shoulder so she can rotate her arms in a 360-degree manner.



Also hailed as “Great Dyna”, she was one of the prominent citizens of Mechagon City for her fully mechanized body.

She was able to attain artificial immortality by transforming every organ and muscle in her body with mechanical parts. In turn, she does not need to sustain food, water, and air, and only relies on charging her batteries and mana.



This name describes a female Mechagnome who mechanized her brain to increase its function for computation, designing, and decision making.

Addem is a Mechagnome calculator able to compute thousands of digits in a split of a second. She also can completely replicate handwriting, patterns, designs, and sketches, making her the greatest plagiarist on Mechagon City.



Formerly known as “Joy”, she is once a great aviator of the Alliance fleet during the Second War. She joined the fleet of King Mechagon, hoping to find more technology for the Alliance in the future.

Now a fully mechanical Gnome, Sparkjoy tends to the power plant of the Mechagon City and maintains a steady supply of energy on the island. She, later on, joined the rebellion of Prince Erazmin against King Mechagon himself.


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Funny Mechagnome Names

We’ve witnessed a not-so-good experience for the Gnomes who joined the expedition of King Mechagon away from the Gnomeregan. Most of them, if not voluntarily, were forced to transform themselves into mechanized beings by adding tools and implants to their bodies. Needless to say, we’ll still add some funny names for the Mechagnome race. Check out some of our suggested Funny Gnome names that we know you’ll laugh at.

Before you proceed, the following funny names may not be funny for others. Puns and jokes are strictly implemented.




A smart and all-knowing Mechagnome. She knows where your car keys at, what time of the day it is, and how much traffic jam is in your area. Very useful companion indeed.


It is said that she is the mother of Alexa, and probably where Alexa was derived from. Anyways, whatever Alexa can do, Siri can… in a lesser manner because she is old. 


Whatever your Mechagnome characteristics are, we are sure this name will give you an edge in-game while not removing the funny side from it.


A Mechagnome who likes digital bits and coins. It is said that his price is dwindling nowadays.


A Mechagnome android who fires explosive blasts in his right hand. Interestingly, he is colored blue.


The brother of Bitcoin, but lesser in value.


A noisy Mechagnome who produces squeaky sounds when he moves. His relatives have been gifting him lubricant oils for his steel joints.


A bulky Mechagnome who can freeze any items and drinks in his belly.


Also known as “The Terminator”, he is tasked with capturing non-mechanical Gnomes and forcing them to undergo mechanical transformation.


“I am the best Mechagnome to ever exist!” says someone who plays 30FPS games on consoles.


Top WOW Mechagnome Names Suggestions

As a finale for this guide, we are giving the readers a ranking of our Top 10 highly suggested Mechagnome names. The names listed here will be collected from the earlier male and female Mechagnome name suggestions. We ranked the names based on how relevant are the names when it comes to Mechagnome characteristics and personality, and of course how nice are the names themselves. Check out our rankings below.









We derived this name from the word Dynamo, a miniature DC motor. We associated this name as a fully mechanized Mechagnome who achieved immortality. That’s already an interesting background story. Moreover, the name sounds technology-related and striking.





This name came from the word Blitzkrieg, depicting something fast and striking. We place this name on someone who received mechanical legs and became full-throttled when running. Overall, the name sounds nice and simple yet cool for a Mechagnome character.





We love her background story, to start with. She was an Alliance aviator until she joined King Mechagon’s voyage. As to what happened why she became fully mechanical, we left out those details for more storytelling. Additionally, the name also sounds nice and awesome for a female Mechagnome.





We came up with this name from the word Gizmo, something associated with gadgets and technology. We like the idea of him being called Gnomolaround because he has everything to sell for any Mechagnome needing parts.





We associated this name with a Mechagnome mage—and that’s where it gets interesting! We imagined him having a mechanical staff connected to his battery core which amplifies his damage. Intriguing, right? We derived the name from the word Bolt, a common lightning spell in-game.





We initially want to create a name surrounding the word Beta. But we decided to change it and transform the name to someone related to cloning. So there’s a BethA, BethB, and BethC. We are placing this name for a nice lore idea. Additionally, Mechagnomes having “version” numbers in their name is something new, right?.





From the word Wattson, a pun name for Watson and Watts, a unit of power. Since we associated the name with power, we created lore about a Mechagnome who seeks… power. We also like the cute name transformation (Wattzie) which is why we are placing this name on the list.





A Mechagnome with wheels? Why not! The name sounds Gnomish, while at the same time not removing the Mechagnomish concept from it. We also associate its character as a loyalist of King Mechagon who volunteered himself in undergoing mechanical transition.





We based this name on the word Clockwork, and instead of clocks, its traps. We imagine him as a character who carries lots of tools to create traps for their opponents. The resulting name is also nice and we want to use it on our next Mechagnome character.





Lastly, Taze was based on the word Taser. We described him as a Mechagnome Monk who does melee combat. Careful, his gauntlets are high-volt tasers! Is that even fair for a fistfight? Anyway, we like the name concept and the background lore and we’re putting him last on this list.

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