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The Mag’har of World of Warcraft is known to be the “uncorrupted” Orcs or the “brown” Orcs of Draenor. Their history and their involvement in the story of Azeroth are quite complex. It is known that the corruption of the Orcs started through the consumption of the Blood of Mannoroth, with Grommash Hellscream as the first Orc to consume this blood. This marked the fall of Draenor as the Orcs were controlled by the will of the Burning Legion and were directed to turn against the Draenei—then eventually controlled by Gul’dan into a Horde to invade Azeroth. Despite these events happening in the first Warcraft game, some untold events happened and were later on introduced in detail through World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

In this guide, we’ll get to know about the Mag’har Orcs, their origins, and their recruitment to the Horde of Azeroth. Readers will be guided to a list of our Top WOW Male and Female Mag’har Orc Name. Not only that, we have a bonus Funny WOW Mag’har Orc Names and a ranking of the Top WOW Mag’har Orc Name Suggestions at the end of this guide.

Before we proceed with the long and complex history of the Mag’har, why not try our Mag’har Orc Name Generator for some quick Mag’har name ideas and references?


The Alternate Draenor

We mentioned before that the involvement of the Mag’har in the wars of Azeroth is complex. To start, let’s define the Mag’har Orcs. The Mag’har Orcs are the “uncorrupted” or the “brown” Orcs who didn’t accede to the fel magics of the Legion. When Gul’dan and the Legion attempted to corrupt the Orcs with fel magics, not all Orcs became affected by it. Many years before the arrival of the Legion, the native Orcs and Ogres in Draenor are at constant war. The ogres, seeking a way to defeat the Orcs, created a contagion called the Red Pox. The Red Pox was used to sicken the Orcs and stop them from invading further ogre lands. Despite such efforts, the ogre empire still fell. The Red Pox remained, however. 400 years past to the construction of the Dark Portal, the Red Pox reemerged and afflicted many Orcs. Geyah, the mate of the Frostwolf clan chieftain Garad and the mother of Durotan, established a quarantined village in Nagrand. This village was later renamed Garadar, in honor of her deceased husband who also succumbed to the disease. Due to the fear of the Red Pox, the village of Garadar (Nagrand) and its inhabitants were isolated from the rest of the Orc tribes to contain the disease within their village. Orcs outside Garadar then participated in the Blood Pact with Mannoroth. The Orcs in Garadar were left untouched, while the war of the Orcs against the Draenei natives started. Later on, after the construction of the Dark Portal and the invasion of Azeroth, the natives of Garadar were referred to as the Mag’har, meaning “uncorrupted”.

One of the famous Mag’har in the stories of Warcraft is Garrosh Hellscream, son of the first Orc of the Blood Pact Grommash Hellscream. Garrosh was isolated from his father at a young age when he contracted the disease and was sent to Garadar for isolation. He recovered from the disease and became a military chief in Garadar. During the Third War, the combined forces of the Alliance and the Horde assaulted the Outlands (formerly Draenor) in an attempt to stop further Legion’s invasion. It was by this time where Warchief Thrall of the Horde met Garrosh Hellscream.

Garrosh and the Mag’har became a valuable asset for the Horde in their numerous campaigns in Outlands. Garrosh returned with the Horde to Azeroth and was the first Mag’har to step in Orgrimmar. He was personally chosen by Thrall to succeed him as the Horde Warchief. However, Garrosh became too obsessed with power. He seeks to bring the supremacy of the Orcs in Azeroth and conquer many lands as its sole ruler. His corruption has led to many atrocities that placed the Horde into unfavorable situations. Garrosh was then defeated by the combined forces of the Alliance and the Horde and was transferred to the Temple of the White Tiger in Pandaria for a fair trial. During his trial, a mysterious bronze dragon named Kairoz helped Garrosh escaped the trial by tinkering with the Vision of Time, creating a portal that allowed him and Garrosh to teleport to an alternate Draenor set 35 years in the past before the Blood Pact. With his knowledge of what will happen to the Orcs in the Blood Pact, he dissuaded most of the Orcs in that timeline from taking Mannoroth’s blood, including his father Grom Hellscream.

Unlocking the Mag’har in World of Warcraft

Unlocking the Mag’har Orcs as a playable character requires two conditions: A player must achieve the Exalted status with The Honorbound and complete the Horde War Campaign to achieve the Ready for War achievement. After completion and gaining this achievement, players must go back to Orgrimmar Embassy to pick up the Vision of Time shard from Eitrigg and start the recruitment quest for the Mag’har.

Allied Races: Mag’har Orc

The timeline of the alternate Draenor also changed with the failure of the Burning Legion’s corruption due to the intervention of Garrosh Hellscream. With this, the Orcs remained as Mag’har and started to become peaceful once again with the Draenei. However, the relationship of the Mag’har with the Draenei changed when a Draenei faction, known as the Lightbound, started to blame the Mag’har for the sudden decay of Draenor. War erupted between the Mag’har and the Lightbound Draenei. In the present-time Azeroth, the Horde commander Eitrigg together with the Horde champion (player) seeks to recruit the Mag’har orc clans from the alternate Draenor. They used the shard of the Vision of Time to travel to the present-day alternate Draenor where they found to be war-stricken between the Mag’har and the Lightbound. Together, they helped fight the Lightborn. The Mag’har, however, are in unfavorable positions in winning the war against the Lightbound. With the arrival of a huge Lightbound reinforcement, Grommash Hellscream and a few Mag’har warriors stayed behind to give way for the escape of Eitrigg, the Horde Champion, and the majority of the Mag’har to Azeroth. This unlocks the Mag’har race as a playable character in-game.

Mag’har Appearance

Mag’har Orcs share the same characteristics and features as a normal Draenor Orc. The only difference is their pure and original brownish or grayish skin tone as opposed to the greenish color of the corrupted Orcs.

Mag’har Traits and Classes

There are eight available classes for the Mag’har race as summarized in the table below:

In-Game Role
In-Game Role


Tank or Melee Plate DPS


Healer, Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Ranged Cloth DPS


Melee Leather DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Leather DPS


Healer or Ranged Cloth DPS

Death Knight

Tank or Melee Plate DPS

(Available with the Shadowlands pre-order)


The Mag’har Racial Traits are summarized below:


Ancestral Call


The Mag’har can call upon the spirits of their ancestors to grant them temporary power.

Upon activation, increases a random secondary stat by 102 for 12 seconds.

Open Skies


The Mag’har has an increased mounted speed of 10% when outdoors.

Savage Blood


Mag’har’s savage nature allows them to fight further even when receiving debilitating statuses.

Reduces the duration of Poisons, Diseases, and Curses by 10%.

Sympathetic Vigor


Mag’har Orcs are skilled with animal husbandry.

Increases any pet health by an additional 10%.

Game Suggestions: Mag’har’s skillset and passives are quite uncommon yet interesting. The Mag’har is one of the few who benefit well from mounting and they have tougher pet allies due to the Sympathetic Vigor passive trait. A basic and ideal class would be the Mag’har Warrior and the Mag’har Death Knight; if a player wishes to do a tanking role while at the same time providing damage with pets and closing the gaps on enemies. The Savage Blood passive trait and the Ancestral Call skill makes the Mag’har character durable and versatile in a variety of situation. But of course, it is still up to the players on which class they wish to take that fits their playstyle.


Mag’har Names

Mag’har names share the same idea and composition as with a common Orc name. The name is still guttural and has a harsh and quick tone. It is not clearly stated in the World of Warcraft if the Mag’har developed a different language, so it is safe to assume that both Mag’har and Orc names are still based on the same Orcish language.

Top 10 Male Mag’har Names




A male Mag’har name describing a character who believes in strength through honor and perseverance.

Garash is one of the many Orcs who resided in Grandar to dissuade others from participating in the Blood Pact of Mannoroth.  



Translates to “Stoneheart”. This Mag’har name describes an almost emotionless Orc who never feels fear or dread.

He bravely declined the order of his chieftain to participate in the Blood Pact. Now considered a traitor, he was endlessly hunted down—until he took refuge in Grandar.



A Mag’har name describing an Ironmarch Scout from the Alternate Draenor.

Makdor is an expert tracker and scout. He is the first Mag’har from the alternate Draenor to step on the lands of Azeroth.



This male Mag’har name is for characters with compassionate and protective personalities.

Nulgor disliked the promised conquest and power of Gul’dan through his Blood Pact. He is one of the Orcs who were imprisoned for neglecting the pact. He was liberated after more than many years when the Horde and the Alliance invaded Draenor.



A name describing a Mag’har Shaman versed with nature elemental magics.

Graago can create a hazing mist to temporarily blind his enemies. His spell is said to be derived from the combined nature and fel magic.



A name granted to a Mag’har Orc beaming with strength and power.

Despite disliking battles or conflict, Hagrusk is a devastating warrior that no other Mag’har dares to challenge.



This name depicts a so-called Mag’har Storm Mage; someone who wields lightning in warding off his enemies.

The word “valug” often refers to lightning or sparks, thus where he was named after.



A Mag’har who sided with the oppressed Draenei in Outlands. He is a reliable and friendly Mag’har who despised the corrupted Orc’s butchery of the Draenei.

Drolmak and his fellow Mag’har from Garadar helped Draenei refugees in escaping the relentless pursuits of the Orcs. Most Orcs during this time hunts and torments innocent Draeneis for entertainment while waiting for the Dark Portal’s reopening.



This name describes a loyal Mag’har warrior who faithfully followed the Iron Horde.

Ka’gar is one of the ambushers of Mannoroth from the alternate Draenor during the Blood Pact. His tribe is one of the earliest members of the Iron Horde.



This name depicts a brave and loyal Mag’har fighter who volunteered to stay on the ground to ward off the Lightbounds while his fellow Mag’har escapes to Azeroth.

Volgro was pulled in by one of his friends when the portal to Azeroth was reopened. He then joined the Horde in honor of his second chance in life.


For more Mag’har Orc name ideas and suggestions, try our Mag’har Name Generator. With just a click of a button, you’ll be able to see numerous name ideas that you can use for your next Mag’har character.

Top 10 Female Mag’har Names




A well-known Mag’har Huntress. This name describes a female Mag’har skilled with throwing weapons.

Uhzka is skilled with both axe-throwing and spear-throwing. She has killed many ogres and corrupted Orcs during her stay in Outlands.



Also known by the title “Lar’Mu’urga” or “Great Mu’urga”. This female Mag’har describes a viscous yet merciful Mag’har captain.

While Outlands remained chaotic with the Orc’s corruption and cleansing of the Draenei race, Mu’urga and her band of uncorrupted Orcs tried to restore order by aiding the Draenei against their Orc kin.



This female Mag’har name describes a fearsome sorceress capable of calling nature attendants to aid her in battle.

Olkai is a known Mag’har Shaman until she became interested in offensive magic and developed obsessions with it.



This Mag’har is described to be one of the few accepted female blademasters in Outlands.

While some of the blademasters joined the Horde invasion, Ja’ghar remained in the Outlands believing that invading other worlds is dire and unnecessary.



This Mag’har name describes a female character capable of casting rejuvenating magic.

Atra’ak trained under the guidance of the Greatmother Geyah who created magical spells in fighting the Red Pox.



The name “Mawgra” describes a vindictive Mag’har Orc. She is someone powerful enough to take down ogres by herself.

Mawgra’s hatred towards the ogres made her a powerful but unreasonable warrior. As to what causes this hatred is still a mystery among the Mag’har.



A renowned Mag’har direwolf rider of the Iron Horde. She is skilled with pursuits and raiding unwary Alliance soldiers.

Thulga and her mount named Siiv are versed with tactical raids that benefited the Horde during the dire times where their supplies started to run dry.



This female Mag’har name is associated with a superstitious character. She is someone who believes that fighting should be a noble act and not a form of quelling conflicts and creating wars.

Hogdra belongs to a forgotten shaman lineage who pioneered the concept of the Mak’gora. She despised the transformed Orcs for they only use Mak’gora to assert power in their pointless wars instead of resolving conflicts.



Ra’ba is a female Mag’har skilled with great axes. Her strength is inhumane but at the cost of sluggish movement.

Wielding the great Dol’waki, she can easily ravage and cleave any opponent. But her maneuverability greatly suffers.



This name describes an agile and ferocious Mag’har grunt wielding sharp double axes.

Originally named “Shraga”, she renamed herself using a morphed word for the phrase “Good Axe” that she learned in Azeroth.

We have more female Mag’har names via our WOW Mag’har Name Generator. Try it now for free!

Funny Mag’har Names

We were able to define and differentiate the Mag’har Orcs and the common Orcs of Draenor from the early sections of this guide. From there, we get to understand that the Mag’har Orcs are the few lucky Orcs who were not corrupted by the Burning Legion. Needless to say, we’re still going to put funny names for the Mag’har race. Check out some of our suggested funny Mag’har names below.

Before you proceed, keep in mind that these names are just for fun purposes only. No insults or verbal abuse intended. Just some pun and interesting funny name ideas.


Hash Browns

We mentioned earlier that the Mag’har are also called brown Orcs, right?


Admit it, this name is kind of cute. Zug-zug is an Orcish response to an order. It literally means “okay”.

“hey get me a bottle of wine!”, “zugzug”.


A Mag’har who owns one of the greatest fast-food chains in Orgrimmar.

Awol Orcs

Like hello? They aren’t present at the gathering.


A quarantined Orc in Garadar.


The founder of the IceScream clan. 


Also known as “Wood Orcs”. If there’s a so-called Wood Elf, there’s probably a Wood Orc. Surprisingly, they are colored brown.


A powerful and mighty hazel-colored Mag’har.


We have the word “caramel” in mind as we see the Mag’har Orcs.

Russet Orc

A potato-colored Orc.

Top Mag’har Orc Names Suggestions

As a concluding part of this guide, we’ll guide you to the list of our Top 10 Mag’har Name suggestions. In this list, we ranked the earlier suggested names based on their relevance in terms of being Orcish and how good are their background stories. We also have some personal favorites that we want to include in this list.

Check out our rankings below.






We like the name itself and gives us a nice impression that the character bearing this name is someone associated with magic. What we like the most is him being called the Storm Mage—we find this really cool.





First off, the name is powerful and brawny for a female Mag’har. Her backstory as someone who is vindictive is also a plus. On why she hates trolls is open for further lore enrichment and discussion.





Starting with her name, Uhzka sounds really nice for a Mag’har character. We depict her as a huntress skilled with throwing weapons. Way back Warcraft I and II, axe throwers are a real thing!





We sometimes wonder what the Mag’har has been doing since the Dark Portal. We are well aware that the corrupted Orcs of Draenor at constant war against the Draenei, aside from they are being grouped into a Horde. With this, we came up with an idea about a possibility that some Mag’har, since they aren’t corrupted, probably helped the Draenei survive the wars against their own kin.





This name is one of our favorites. We derived this name from the word Juggernaut, as we remember the blademaster from Warcraft III. Making a female Mag’har as a blademaster is also awesome.





With this name, we are also opening possibilities that there might be Mag’har who became much obsessed with nature magic. A shaman turned into a Mage is also an interesting back story.




Orcs are well known for their loyalty to their leaders. We describe Ka’gar as one of the many Mag’har who faithfully followed Garrosh Hellscream and his Iron Horde. We see him as the Mag’har version of Grommash Hellscream for he is the first to join the Iron Horde.





There are some unnamed Iron Horde soldiers that were sent to Azeroth as a scouting regiment prior to their invasion. We created the name Makdor for this purpose. He is the first Mag’har Iron Horde to step on the soils of Azeroth.





This name is also one of our favorites. We initially intend to use this as a funny name, but we came up with nice background lore. Her real name is Shraga and she changed her name to “Gudax” because she often hears her fellow Horde soldiers saying how nice her pair of axes is. Funny and clever, right?





Ever seen a mighty and powerful Mag’har who hates conflict? Hagrusk is an example. His name sounds intimidating and scary, yet we placed contrasting lore for he is someone who hates conflict. We find this name interesting in all aspects that is why we are including him on this list.

We have more race-specific names via our WOW Name Generator. We have a collection of ready-made names that players can access with just a click of a button. Try it now for free!

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