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The Lightforged Draenei is a group of Draenei who became part of the Army of the Light, waging a millennia-long war against the Burning Legion. Draenei who devote their lives in this crusade undergo a ritual to become a Lightforged, allowing themselves to infuse their bodies with the essence of the Holy Light. This prevents them from falling from the fel corruptions and effectively grants them abilities to fight the Legion effectively.

When prophet Velen and his loyal eredar followers escaped from Argus via the naaru ship Genedar, they called themselves the Draenei or the Exiled Ones. During their search for a new planet to inhabit, Genedar split into two different ships: the Genedar, and the Xenedar. The most elite and powerful warriors of the Draenei boarded Xenedar to wage war on the pursuing Burning Legion forces, while those few aboard the Genedar founded Draenor into a distant unnamed planet. Those elite warriors were guided by the naaru Xe’ra and with its guidance, helped the Draenei in infusing the Holy Light to them. They eventually became the first set of Lightforged Draenei warriors.

In this guide, the story on how the Lightforged Draenei became members of the Alliance will be tackled briefly. Additionally, we’ll tackle Lightforged Draenei racial traits, appearance, and how to unlock them as playable characters in-game. Readers will be guided to a list of the Top WOW Male and Female Lightforged Draenei Names, a list of Funny Lightforged Draenei Names, and a ranking of the Top 10 Best Lightforged Draenei Name Suggestions.

We’re as excited as you! In the meantime, check out our WOW Lightforged Draenei Name Generator for some quick name references, ideas, and suggestions. Our smart generator has a huge library of ready-made names that players can use for their next WOW character.


Unlocking the Lightforged Draenei in World of Warcraft

Unlocking the Lightforged as a playable character requires two conditions: Players must complete the Argus storyline, gaining the You Are Now Prepared! Achievement, and completing the recruitment quest for the Lightforged Draenei, and earning the Allied Races: Lightforged Draenei achievement.

The invasion of Argus marked the defeat of the Burning Crusade, with the imprisonment of Sargeras as a result. The combined forces of the Lightforged and the answering champions (players undertaking the questline of Argus) managed to defeat Archimonde and Sargeras. With the defeat of the Burning Crusade, the Lightforged turned their attention to their fellow Draenei who, by this era, are now inhabitants of Azeroth, with few still left on Outlands.

Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon, now a Lightforged Human with the title High Exarch, returned to Stormwind to bring good tidings about the fall of the Burning Crusade. King Anduin Wrynn heed the advice of Alleria and Turalyon to seek new allies in preparation for the upcoming war against the Horde. Alleria traveled to Quel’Thalas to convince the Blood Elves to return to the Alliance, while Turalyon was sent back to the Army of the Light to convince the Lightforged Draenei to forge a pact with the Alliance. Alleria failed to convince the Blood Elves to rejoin the Alliance but was able to find a new set of allies from the Void Elves who were exiled from Quel’Thalas from their involvement with the Void. On the other hand, Turalyon traveled to Vindicaar, the homeland of the Lightforged, to propose the pact from the Alliance.


Allied Races: Lightforged Draenei

Captain Fareeya, a high-ranking officer of the Army of the Light, was happy to hear the news of the Alliance proposal from Turalyon. During this moment, she was currently recruiting more Lightforged into their ranks. In here, Turalyon and the Alliance champion (player) witnessed how a Draenei is transformed into a Lightforged. One of the initiates, T’paartos, cannot participate in the Lightforged trials without a partner, so the Alliance adventurer volunteered to take part as his second. After completing all the trials, T’paartos became officially accepted into the order of the Lightforged. The Lightforged audience during the trials is impressed with the teamwork of T’paartos and the Allied champion, making them more than willing to join the Alliance of Azeroth in upholding peace and justice. Turalyon returned to Stormwind to bring news to King Wrynn and give the Army of the Light official pledge to the Alliance.

This unlocks the Allied Races: Lightforged Draenei achievement, allowing players to create a playable Lightforged Draenei character. Upon reaching level 50 as a Lightforged Draenei character, players are entitled to receive the Heritage of the Lightforged Feat of Strength and Lightforged Heritage Armor Set. Note that these items can only be transmogged by Lightforged Draenei characters.

Lightforged Draenei Appearance

Lightforged Draenei has a white marble-colored skin tone and white hair. Unlike common Draenei, Lightforged Draenei possesses bright and golden eyes due to the presence of light within them. Their bodies are covered with glowing tattoos of bright-golden colors. Their hooves are decorated with gold and their Mark of the Naaru is a golden sigil. Lightforged Draenei is iconic for wearing bright-yellow or bright-white armors.

WoW Lightforged Draenei Traits and Classes

Unlike most races, Lightforged Draenei only has six available classes as summarized below.


In-Game Role


In-Game Role


Tank or Melee Plate DPS


Ranged Cloth DPS


Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Healer or Ranged Cloth DPS


Tank, Healer, or Melee Plate DPS

Death Knight

Tank or Melee Plate DPS

(Available with the Shadowlands pre-order)

The Lightforged Draenei Racial Traits are summarized below:



Forge of Light


Lightforged Draenei’s advanced knowledge with crafts allows them to have bonus points in blacksmithing and allows them to create an anvil at will.

Passively grants the Lightforged Draenei a bonus +10 to Blacksmithing skill. When activated, summon a Forge of Light to enable Blacksmithing at ease.

Holy Resistance


Lightforged Draenei is resistant to Holy damage.

Passively reduces Holy damage taken from all sources by 1%.

Light’s Judgement


Lightforged Draenei can call upon the wrath of the Light to deal Holy damage in an area.

Upon activation, calls down a strike of Holy energies in a targeted area within 5 yards after a 3 seconds delay.

Light’s Reckoning


Lightforged Draenei uses their inner energies to call upon a reckoning explosion upon death, dealing damage while healing allies.

When a Lightforged Draenei dies, they explode dealing Holy damage to enemies while healing allies in an 8-yard radius.



Lightforged Draenei gains more experience when killing demons.

Experience gained from killing Demons increased by 20%.

Game Suggestions: Lightforged Draenei, despite having few choices of classes, remains a versatile race when it comes to how they are played in-game. Their Holy Resistance makes them good tanks against Holy-based enemies. The Light’s Reckoning skill also makes them ideal frontline characters and their teammates benefit upon their death. Moreover, farming Demon enemies make leveling up easier for a Lightforged Draenei. With this in mind, players will have easy consideration of what class to pick. A Lightforged Priest or a Lightforged Paladin is a common choice among players in-game due to the tank benefits and healing capabilities. Lightforged Mage or Lightforged Hunter is ideal for players who prefer ranged combat. For players who prefer physical DPS without sacrificing durability, Lightforged Warrior or Lightforged DK is recommended.

Lightforged Draenei Names

Lightforged Draenei names are the same as a common Draenei name. Their names are derived from the Eredun language and may suggest the character’s personality, traits, physical appearance, feats, or achievements. Their names follow the rules of creating Eredun words through the single-syllable phrase to complicated five or more syllable phrases.

Top 10 Male Lightforged Draenei Names






Known by the title Paragon, this Lightforged Draenei name describes a noble and upright character. He is a known protector of living creatures and swore an oath to fight any demonic presence.

Paragon Hajkal is a veteran of the Thousand Years war against the Burning Legion. He swore that someday, Argus will be brought back to the rightful Eredars and Draenei.



This male Lightforged Draenei is known for his mighty and powerful spells in expelling demons and void creatures.

Warpriest Archezun is a known devout of the Holy Light and was one of the oldest members of the Army of the Light. He is one of the hundreds of Draenei volunteers aboard Xenedar who undergone the Lightforged initiation.



A Lightforged Draenei known for his might and strength. No demons or pitlord can confront him alone and would rather retreat upon sighting him in battle.

Known as the Demon’ Bane, Dhal’kannis is a mighty warrior that mercilessly kills demons and Legion officers. His very presence in battle gives a dreadful warning to the Legion.



The name Adduras is derived from the Eredar word Ad’dur which somehow means righteous or venerable.

Archmage Adduras is considered to be one of the prominent figures in the Army of the Light. He preaches about peace and prosperity and how Argus can once again rise from the ashes of the Legion and become renewed. 



Also known as the Luminous Blade of the Army of the Light, he is a Lightforged Draenei Warrior who uses his shining Astral Blade in purging demonic entities and Legion familiars.

Blademaster Olcigamyr lead the assault on Krokuun and carved a path for the Allied champions and elite Lightforged who crashed from the ship.



This male Lightforged Draenei name describes a devout follower of the Light Mother Xe’ra.

Vilganir was a veteran Lightforged Draenei who existed since their exile from Argus. His embrace of the light made his lifespan longer and indefinite.



This male Lightforged Draenei name describes a resourceful and skillful craftsman.

Utilizing his Light Anvil, Caedaran can create any kind of weapon or improvised materials that were proven to be useful for conquest and adventures where resources are scarce.



This name describes a courageous Lightforged Paladin. He is one of the first followers of Xe’ra when the elite Draenei of Genedar separated and followed the naaru.

Grand Justiciar Khahaldir is tasked with exacting verdicts to non-demon races who were forced to work under the Burning Legion. Despite the hatred of the Lightforged to the Legion, they still show mercy to those who were just victimized and enslaved by the Legion.



A notable and skillful Lightforged Marksman. He can imbue Light magics into his crossbow and deal Holy damage to enemies from a distance.

Gavvorhan the Farhunter became an iconic figure in Vindicaar for his unique usage of Light arcane spells and crossbows.



Also known as the Golden Sun, He can manipulate Light energies to create enormous balls of Light that can incinerate any demonic creatures upon contact.

Faldomat was branded the Golden Sun for his creation of multiple fireball-like projectiles that he hurls on enemies from afar.

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Top 10 Female Lightforged Draenei Names






This name describes a clever and shrewd female Lightforged Huntress versed with ambushes and unusual combat tactics in battle.

Altonias studied well the combat style and invasion methods of the Burning Legion and has developed hundreds of intuitive ways to counter them.



A name for a female Lightforged Draenei who is well accustomed to the secrets of Light arcane.

High Preacher Alineas, as they call her, was the leading Lightforged Draenei in accompanying fresh recruits and teaching them the ways and culture of the Army of the Light.



This female Lightforged Draenei is known to be one of the fiercest Bladelords of the Army of the Light.

Bladelords are a rank lower next to Blademasters. They are as proficient as the Blademasters in wielding Astral blades.



Also known as The Tainted One, this name describes a Lightforged Draenei infected with the Void.

Marixza is one of the Lightforged squadrons who assisted Alleria in doing a small raid. She and Alleria were attacked by a voidling. While Alleria retained her Void infection, Marixza was immediately transported back to their ship because the Void reacted violently in her body. She recovered after a few weeks but she lost her inner light from her skin markings.



A composed and confident female Lightforged Draenei. A veteran of the Thousand Years war, she is one of the strategic brains of the Army of the Light in fighting off the Legion.

Verraiah is the diplomat sent by Captain Fareeya together with High Exarch Turalyon in announcing the formal recognition of the Lightforged Draenei in joining the Alliance.



A talented battlemage Lightforged Draenei. She is the second in command next to Lieutenant Senn who assisted Turalyon in their hunt for Sylvannas Windrunner in the Arathi Highlands.

Nakali is versed with daggers and staves. She was a former Rogue Draenei until she was accepted as a Lightforged apprentice after the Sundering of Draenor.



This female Lightforged Draenei name describes a strong-willed Paladin character belonging to the Imperial Juggernaut faction of the Army of the Light.

Ilve is part of the elite Paladin group called Imperial Juggernaut. They are a group of heavily armed Lightforged Draenei who serve as Vanguards and Defenders of important Lightforged Draenei Temples.



A skilled Lightforged Warframe user. She participated in numerous flash ambush tactics when raiding Legion settlements using Warframe battlesuits.

Nuzlareth is one of the best users of the Lightforged Warframes (also called a battlesuit). The mobility and durable characteristics of the Warframe allow their users to sustain damage while not sacrificing speed and agility.



This female Lightforged Draenei name describes a renowned Lightforged Artificer experienced with repairing damaged Warframes and equipment.

Novkhal usually spends her time repairing damaged Warframes in Vindicaar. Her trade plays an important role for the Army of the Light for they depend heavily on Warframes in doing raids and rescue missions.



A female Lightforged Draenei who belongs to the Lightforged Sharpshooters.

Ameri is a Lightforged Huntress skilled with bow and holy arrows. She is most notable for her Divine Barrage, skillful fletching of a hail of arrows that decimates anyone on its path.

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Funny Lightforged Draenei Names

We associate the Lightforged Draenei as defenders of the Light, the truth, and justice. They are the primary opposing power against the Burning Legion and most of Azeroth probably owe it all to them for the imprisonment of Sargeras. But that doesn’t stop is in making funny and creative names for their race. In this section, we’ll list some of our hilarious Lightforged Draenei name suggestions. Check them out below.

Before you proceed, please note that the following names are just created to make funny jokes and puns about the Lightforged Draenei. No insults or verbal abuse are intended.




Known to be the brightest Lightforged Draenei in town. He brings light… we mean, hope to people.


A Draenei from Draenor whom people thought to be a Lightforged because of his pale skin tone. He probably lacks iron, though.

Shiny Draenei

A Draenei who joined the Lightforged because he thought “it’s what shines that matter”.


This Lightforged Draenei name is derived (obviously) from his physical characteristics.


How holy is a Lightforged Draenei hoof? Too holy!


We mentioned before that Draeneis are aliens. This Lightforged Draenei name commemorates his Draenei and alien heritage.


Fun facts about Lightforged Draeneis: their horns are sacred, they can skewer demons with them!


A naturally born Lightborn Draenei. We know that’s impossible, that’s why we call him an albino.


A seductive and attractive female Lightforged Draenei. Little do they know that he is an undercover Lightforged infiltrating the corrupted Draenei in Outland.


A Lightforged Draenei with hoolahoop-like piercings.

Top Lightforged Draenei Names Suggestions

We were able to discuss a short history of the Lightforged Draenei, how to unlock it as playable characters, their racial traits, and some male and female name suggestions. In this section, we’ll rank the Top 10 best Lightforged Draenei names based on our earlier male and female name suggestions. We based the rankings on how good are the names when it comes to pronunciation, sound, and coolness. Not only that, but we’ll also consider how nice are the background lore concerning the Lightforged Draenei story. Check out the rankings below.









This name sounds strong while at the same time retaining its feminine tone. Aside from the nice name, we like her character for she is a veteran of the Thousand Years war and is one of the brains of the Army of the Light.





We like the epithet of this name, the Luminous Blade. We see him as one of the Blademasters of the Army of the Light and his Astral Blade can effectively purge demonic entities at ease. Aside from his background, the name sounds unique and awesome for a Lightforged Draenei character.





This name is one of our favorite picks for the female Lightforged name suggestions. We find it unique, simple, and straightforward, while at the same time, not sacrificing the Draenei-like sound of the name. We also love the idea of her being one of the Imperial Juggernaut faction who serves as defenders of Draenei temples.





We associate this name with a Lightforged Draenei very familiar to the secrets of the Light arcane. We see her as a preacher or initiator for Lightforged aspirants. Aside from the lore, the name sounds mystical and Draenei-like which makes it to our top list.





We see Grand Justiciar Khahaldir as someone who exacts verdicts on non-demonic prisoners of the war. Since Lightforged Draeneis are up for justice and freedom, we came up with an idea of a character that judges people and creatures that were forced to fight for the Burning Legion. Moreover, the name sounds respectable and tact, very fitting for an individual who serves justice.





What we like about this name is how the name itself was constructed. It sounds powerful and intimidating. We describe him as a devout of the Holy Light and he is one of the first hundreds of Draenei who undergone Lightforged transformation.





We came up with a name for a female Lightforged Draenei that supports the storyline of Alleria Windrunner when she was afflicted with the Void. We created a possible name for a character who also received the same affliction as her. However, the effects of the Void are different for a Lightforge for they lose their inner light. We find this story amazing together with the lovely name.





Warframe automaton is a thing during the Thousand Years war against the Legion. So we came up with a Lightforged Draenei name that uses such technology in battle. The name Nuzlareth sounds unique and impressive, earning her a spot on our list.





Summoning an anvil is one of the Lightforged Draenei racial skills. So we came up with a name of a Lightforged who is resourceful enough to craft anything from improved materials despite scarcity. For players who consider their characters a great smith, this name is for you.





We depict the character of this name as one of the oldest members of the Army of the Light. He was there when they exiled themselves away from Argus until they decided to devote themselves to following Xe’ra, the Light Mother. Other than this story, the name sounds classic and old, which compliments well his character.

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