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Korean traditions when choosing a name

According to a common Asian tradition, a Korean name consists of a person’s last name and a personal name following it.
I.e., the last name is always written before the personal name.

Usually, a Korean surname consists of one syllable, and a personal name consists of two.
Names consisting of one or three syllables are quite rare.
If the Korean surname consists of two syllables, then usually the personal name consists of one syllable.

In Korea, initially, a person acquired a surname by the name of the clan to which he or she belonged.
At the same time, the married woman did not change her last name.
But the children received their father’s last name.
So the clan name continued to live for centuries.

  • 45% of Koreans are surnamed Kim, Lee, and Park.
  • Korean personal names are not actually divided into purely male and purely female names.
  • Koreans believe that the name chosen for a child determines its fate.
  • Usually a personal name reflects the quality that parents wish their child-good luck, health, prosperity, beauty.