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This name guide will introduce some of the best name ideas and concepts for the FFXIV Hyur playable race. Witness a brief description of the Hyurs of Eorzea and its clans, some of their in-game overview and stats, their naming conventions, and our best Hyur name recommendations. For players who like playing the game using the Hyur race, this naming guide is for you. This FFXIV Hyur Name Generator helps players pick the perfect Hyur name for their character. It contains a library of ready-made random names that players can use as-is or as naming references—for free!

Final Fantasy is an award-winning game known to be the largest Japanese fantasy anthology game series developed and produced by Square Enix. It is a role-playing adventure video game with 16 known main titles with seven stand-alone minor game titles, and several spin-off games. Each world for each version is different and independent from one another but is linked to several elements like game mechanics, in-game items, names, and histories.

The Hyur Migratory Race

The Hyur is the largest population to exist in the modern-day Eorzea.  They came from neighboring continents and islands. They brought their sophisticated technologies and complex ethos with them during their migration. With their advanced technologies, they became a rapid force behind cultural progress and are now directly related to the cause of advancements of Eorzean civilizations. The Hyurs are known for their love of personal freedom and liberty. They have a variety of languages and traditions garnered from different and diverse backgrounds.

Hyur Physical Appearance

The Hyur appearance is attributed as having a modest physique, in height and weight. They have short, rounded ears. They are built for traveling long distances by foot, which greatly explains how they managed to migrate to greater distant lands away from their original homes. They are known for their wide range of known languages and diverse traditions, which often results in their lack of unified identity as a common race. During the First, the Hyur are known as Hume.

The Hyur Clans

Two notable groups now exist among the Hyur race: The Highlanders, or the inhabitants of mountainous areas, and the Midlander, or those who reside on low and plain lands. The Highlanders are said to descend from a group of Hyur who followed the stars toward the mountains of Gyr Abania. In comparison to the Midlander, they have stout or heavy builds. They are also noticeably taller and more muscular than their Midlander kin, with their heights reaching at around 6’0” to 6’7” for male Highlander Hyurs, and 5’6” to 6’2” for females Highlander Hyurs. It is said that the impressive physique of the Highlander comes from their numerous years of living and surviving the unforgiving and harsh environment of the mountains.

The Midlander, on the other hand, are the denizens of the low-lying regions and plains. They are considered the most populous clan of Hyur to exist compared to the Highlander. They often live within city-states and villages all over the realm and involve themselves with trades and diverse jobs. Their lack of physical strength is greatly compensated with their innovativeness and creativeness, which allows them to advance in almost all disciplines available. Almost all of the realm’s brilliant inventors and innovators are Midlanders. A male Midlander Hyur can reach an average height of 5’6” to 5’11” and a female Midlander Hyur at 5’2” to 5’7”. Midlander Hyur has a great aptitude for magic, including teleportation magic for adventuring parties.

FFXIV Hyur Quick In-Game Overview

The Hyur is the default character that players may select in creating their playable adventurer. Midlander Hyur has a starting +23 points to Intelligence, followed by +22 in Strength, and +20 in Vitality. Highlander Hyur has a base +23 in Strength, followed by +22 in Vitality, and a balance +20 in Dexterity and Mind. Highlander Hyur players can take advantage of the base stat growth on Strength and Vitality to create a tank character or a heavy physical damage character. On the other hand, Midlander Hyur will be ideal for spellcaster characters due to the high Intelligence bonus.

Did you know?

The word Hyur is pronounced with almost a silent ‘h’ but still indicating the soft ‘hu’ when pronounced. So, the pronunciation would be /h-yur/. Hyur is an interesting character race from FFXIV available even at the start of the game. For players who consider using the Hyur as the main character race, you may want to visit our FFXIV Hyur Name Generator for some name suggestions and ideas.

FFXIV Hyur Names and Hyur Naming Conventions

Before we start creating Hyur names, we need to understand some of the naming conventions introduced in-game. Midlander names are derived from European names, specifically those influenced by Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, and Briton names and phonetics. Highlander names are very similar to medieval European names with Nordic and Germanic origins.

Male Hyur Midlander Names

  • Slavomir /sla-vo-mir/ – meaning fame, glory, renown, or reputation.

Despite Midlander having the least strength, they gain fame and reputation through their innovativeness and shrewd decisions. This name is befitting for any Midlander Hyur character.

  • Caspian /kas-pyan/ – meaning white.

In spite of the meaning, this name sounds great for a skilled Midlander. Additionally, it gives a royalty impression in the name.

  • Norvel /nor-vel/ – a name describing a Hyur stranger from the north.

This name suggests that your character is mysterious and sinister. If you find your Midlander character as such, you may consider this name.

  • Emrys /em-ris/ – meaning immortal.

This name depicts your character as someone great that those who followed him, whether in glorious battles or seeking knowledge, will never forget his name.

  • Callum /ka-lum/ – meaning dove.

Dove represents freedom and liberty. This name is ideal to almost any kind of Hyur but is most suitable for a Midlander for its purity in nature than violence.

Female Hyur Midlander Names

  • Cwenhild /ka-hiy-nild/ – translates to “Battle Queen” in the Common tongue.

Midlander Hyur might be weaker in terms of physical strength, but some are still notorious in battle. Pick this name for a skilled Midlander warrior-maiden.

  • Eawynn /e-ya-win/ – this female Hyur name is associated with a river or

Rivers or joy may depict many interpretations when we associate them with names. Consider this name for characters who are impulsive, like a treacherous river, or for characters who bring joy to those she helps.

  • Caoimhe /kwi-va/ – translates to gentle or beautiful

The spelling and pronunciation of this name are very far from each other. However, this gives the name an exclusive blend and makes your character unique and complex.

  • Aine /an-ye/ – meaning splendor, radiance

Vibrance and beauty are what make this name suggestive. Pick this name for a female Midlander who displays beauty and radiant aura to her companions.

  • Mairead /mey-rad/ – meaning pearl or gem from the sea.

Oceans and seas are one of the mysterious places in the realm. Pick this name for a female Hyur named after a precious stone associated with the sea. She is someone mysterious and rare.

Male Hyur Highlander Names

  • Oswald /os-wald/ – meaning god’s power when translated.

Pick this name for a character with divine might displaying as if his strength is that of the gods.

  • Gualterio /gwal-ter-yo/ – A name describing a strong ruler. Someone with an Iron Hand of rule.

Not only this Hyur Highlander name describes a powerful ruler, but it also shows someone with leadership and a strong personality.

  • Ernestus /er-nes-tus/ – roughly translates as a battle to death.

Highlander warriors are known for their bravery and fearlessness. Bearing this name is an honor to any Hyur Highlander.

  • Bernhold /bern-old/ – meaning a bear’s might, or strength of a bear.

This name is very suitable for a male Highlander. The name directly describes the qualities of a Highlander: powerful, ferocious, and beaming with strength, just like a bear.

  • Verill /ve-ril/ – meaning loyal and

What makes a strong tribe in a Highlander community is their determination and loyalty to one another. Pick this name for a strong and capable Highland Hyur warrior with undying loyalty to their tribe and its people.

Female Hyur Highlander Names

  • Alleyne /aley-ne/ – This female Highlander Hyur name translates to the word precious or prized.

This name gives a soft touch of beauty to your Highlander character, while at the same time, not affecting the solid personality.

  • Gertud /ger-tud/ – a name describing the spear.

Pick this female Highland name for a character proficient with a spear, or a character dexterous enough to use fast weapons such as daggers and caestus.

  • Brynhildr /brin-hil-der/ – meaning bright battle or a vanguard

This name depicts strength and protection. Pick this female Hyur name for a character who displays sturdiness and power.

  • Herja /her-ya/ – this female name was derived from another word Herjon /her-yon/ which means to devastate.

Highlanders are skilled warriors. A person bearing this name should be ferocious and cunning at all times especially during battles.

  • Randgrid /ran-grid/ – meaning shield destroyer.

This name describes a very powerful female Highlander warrior who can obliterate any form of defense with her talented use of greatswords.

FFXIV Hyur Clan Names

Hyur is known to have a variety of divided clans among their main tribe groups. Despite that they can be classified as Midlander or Highlander, huge disparities among either tribe exist within the Hyur.

Midlander surnames are related to their professions or locality where their families lived or a representation of a person’s physical features.

Hyur Midlander Surnames

  • Smiths
  • Browners
  • Seekers
  • Paleskins
  • Haywards

Highlanders, on the other hand, are skilled warriors and veterans of numerous battles. Their last names tend to align to their involvement in warfare such as showing battle prowess, depicting strength, or items that are used in battle.

Hyur Midlander Surnames

  • Swiftblade
  • Runicfists
  • Untamed
  • Dreadmace
  • Devilbane

These suggested clan names were based only on how their in-game descriptions were portrayed, including in-game examples of clan names that arrived on such clan name conventions. For more suggested clan names, feel free to use this FFXIV Hyur Name Generator introduced at the start of this article.

FFXIV Top Hyur Name Suggestion

What makes a great Hyur name, you ask? Apart from the name’s meaning, one should also consider how relevant are the names for you, personally, and how great is the impact of the name for both the player and the character.

For a male Hyur Midlander name, we recommend the name Caspian Seekers. The forename already sounds great, depicting someone with a strong personality and skill. We placed the surname Seekers to give an impression that he belongs to a clan that seeks knowledge or power.

For female Hyur Midlander name, we like the name Eawynn Paleskins. We did not specify the lore about the Paleskins clan, but we want it to be a clan of Hyurs who has pale white skin tones and grayish hairs. Eawynn, on the other hand, is an impulsive and adventurous name for a character. It describes the personality of the person like a river: free-flowing, treacherous, and strong.

Male Hyur Highlander’s name must depict a strong or savage personality. For this, we suggest the name Oswald Devilbane. Oswald is defined as a name depicting godly powers. It is very befitting for a Highlander character for its meaning and its pronunciation. The Devilbane is intended to portray that the strength of the clansmen from this clan can destroy even the most fearsome devils to exist.

For a female Hyur Highlander, we highly suggest the name Herja Untamed. To start with, the name Herja already sounds dreadful and intimidating. It means to devastate when translated. She is someone with overflowing power that no one dares to anger nor challenge. This is where the Untamed clan enters. Her personality of being unstoppable greatly blends with the Untamed clan. Clansmen from this group are notoriously ferocious, unstoppable, and power-hungry.

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