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The Goblins of Azeroth are a small green humanoid minority discovered in the Isle of Kezan by the Zandalari Trolls looking to mine kaja’mite in the area. The first recorded history of the Goblin dates back to the ancient era of the keeper Mimiron, who discovered the first kaja’mite mineral and experimented it on different races. The first primitive race he subjected to the experiments became intellectual beings and gained self-awareness. He later let them consume the kaja’mite, transforming them into a highly intelligent race now called the Goblins.

The early Goblins witnessed the changes of Azeroth, beginning from the War of the Ancients to the Great Sundering of Kalimdor. The Goblins, during the War of the Ancients, are known to be great artificers and were able to harness adamantium minerals into plate armors. It is said that it was the Goblins who created the adamantium plates of Neltharion (Deathwing) during the War of the Ancients. After the Great Sundering, the Goblins were separated from their main source of kaja’mite ore. With the lack of kaja’mite, their intelligence started to dwindle. The remaining Goblins took refuge on the Isle of Kezan and had forgotten that they are once a great and intelligent race. They were soon discovered by the Zandalari Trolls who are exploring the remnants of the sundered continent of Kalimdor for kaja’mite deposits. The Zandalari Trolls first paid trinkets and in-kind materials to the Goblins to mine for scarce kaja’mite in the isle. But as soon as they discovered that underneath the isle lies an enormous kaja’mite deposit, they quickly enslaved the entire Goblin populace and forced them to mine in impoverished conditions. The Goblins, however, became exposed again with the mists emitted from mining the kaja’mite. They regained their intelligence and knowledge and plotted an uprising against the Trolls.

In this guide, we’ll get to know about the Goblin’s participation in the Horde, their appearance, and racial traits. You’ll be introduced to our list of Top WOW Male and Female Goblin Names, a list of Funny Goblin Names, and a ranking of the Top 10 Best Goblin Name Suggestions.

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The Bilgewater Cartel and the Horde

After regaining their intellect and successfully overthrowing their Zandalari slavers, the Goblins started to turn against each other, creating disorder and chaos among their ranks. They split into groups called cartels. Soon, the effects of the kaja’mite started to deteriorate among the Goblins. Their intelligent ideas and inventions became substandard and ineffective for use. In turn, they began to adopt a system of mercantilism, centering themselves in the trade of goods, information, and oddities. This made the isle prosperous and became a trading hub for seafarers of different races.

The Steamwheedle Cartel is one of the famous Goblin cartels that participated in the First War. They traded with Orgrim Doomhammer’s Horde and they are paid in gold. Seeing the profit for the wars of the Alliance and the Horde, the Steamwheedle Cartel rendered services for both the Alliance and the Horde.

The Bilgewater Cartel, one of the largest goblin cartels in Azeroth, was run by the Trade Prince Gallywix. His trade company became powerful and influential in all of Kezan. The business was booming as usual for the Bilgewater Cartel, for they were able to formulate the famous Kaja’Cola. During the Cataclysm, Deathwing appeared over the Bilgewater Port and spit a molten projectile in the mouth of Mount Kajaro. The active volcano started to erupt creating panic and chaos among the Goblins of Kezan. Some Goblins try to profit from the disaster by selling food or accommodations to panicking citizens. The Trade Prince Gallywix charged 1 billion macaroons for each citizen to save them and lead them to safety on his yacht. However, he took all the money and instead, enslaved all the civilians inside his yacht.

The Trade Prince set sail to the land of Azshara to create a new trading outpost under his company. However, they were spotted and fired upon by an Alliance fleet pursuing the escaping Warchief Thrall. The yacht sank and all the surviving citizens and Bilgewater cartel crew became stranded on the Lost Isles. Some of the surviving Goblins, separated from the yacht of the Trade Prince, scouted the area and found out that there is a small Orc encampment nearby. They sent a representative to the Orcs and the Orcs agreed to help them in exchange for their assistance. With the combined Orc and Goblin resistance, they were able to fend off the Alliance fleet who captured Thrall and most of his Orc soldiers, successfully rescuing their Warchief. It was supposed to be the last time that these Goblins will meet the Horde, but they returned to Thrall when they accidentally cause a volcanic eruption that destroyed their settlement. At the exact moment of their return, they saw the Horde fighting at a disadvantage with the Alliance. They quickly rushed to their aid and defeated the Humans. Impressed by the heroic acts of the Goblins, Thrall agreed to assist the Goblins to free their remaining brethren from the Trade Prince Gallywix. The free Goblins and the Horde overthrow Gallywix and his minions, freeing the rest of the captives. Gallywix surrendered himself and instead promised the loyalty of him and the entire Bilgewater Cartel in service to the Horde.

Goblin Appearance

Female Goblins’ height reaches around 4’1” while male Goblins tend to be shorter, reaching only between 3’11” to 4 feet in height. Goblins only have three huge fingers and one thumb. They have large and sometimes elongated noses which grow larger as they increase in age. Their skin color is noticeably greenish but may have shades of yellow or other yellow-green hue variations. Goblin hairs are commonly mohawks, ponytails, or spiky.

WOW Goblin Traits and Classes

There are eight available classes for the Goblin race as summarized in the table below:


In-Game Role


In-Game Role


Tank or Melee Plate DPS


Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Melee Leather DPS


Healer or Ranged Cloth DPS


Healer, Melee or Ranged Mail DPS


Ranged Cloth DPS


Ranged Cloth DPS

Death Knight

Tank or Melee Plate DPS

(Available with the Shadowlands pre-order)

The Goblin Traits are summarized below:



Rocket Jump


Goblins can use their (somehow) reliable rocket belts to launch themselves into the air and cover short distances.

Upon activation, allows the Goblin to leap forward. Effects that slow the rate of falling becomes inactive for the next 10 seconds after using this ability.

Rocket Barrage


Instead of using the rockets to jump, an alternative is to fire the rockets at your enemies.

Upon activation, launches the belt rockets towards an enemy, dealing (1 + level x 2) fire damage.

Pack Hobgoblin


Goblins can use their merchant networks to access their bank vault from anywhere after gaining the trust of a reliable friend.

Upon activation, calls in your friend, Gobber, which allows you to access your bank for 1 minute.

Best Deals Anywhere


Goblins are great at wheeling and dealing with prices. They get great discounts from vendors.

Goblin networks allow them to receive the best possible gold discount in shops, regardless of faction.

Time is Money


Goblins can cash in to gain a bonus to haste.

Cash in on a 1% increase to haste.

Better Living Through Chemistry


Goblins are born tough against hazardous materials and they have a bonus point in Alchemy.

Alchemy skill increased by 15 points.

Game Suggestions: A player might probably think that a Goblin character has odd skills, to begin with. However, the use of Rocket Jump and Rocket Barrage is proven to be useful in certain situations. With this in mind, a player may center their Goblin character into a DPS class knowing the fact that they have means of escape through Rocket Jump. An ideal choice for this is a Goblin Warlock, or a Goblin Mage if players want a magic-based DPS. Whereas, a Goblin Rogue and Goblin Hunter is a nice choice for a physical-based DPS. The rest of the classes may still be good and it depends on the player how they want to compliment the racial traits of the Goblins to their chosen class.

Goblin Names

Goblin names are, of course, based on the Goblin language (simply Goblin). Their names have harsh and hard sounds with a quick pronunciation. Goblin names are given at birth and they have a family name to indicate their origin. The family names may reflect the achievement of their ancestor, or created by themselves based on personal attainments.  

Top 10 Male Goblin Names






This name describes a thrift male Goblin who buys items for the best prices and sells them for maximum profit.

Augekki somehow means “to weigh properly” or “act of weighing” when translated. He has a huge interest in gold at a young age.



A male Goblin whose interest circulates on creating electromechanical types of machinery.

With an old schematic that he inherited from his great grandfather Fizhal, he was able to create a kaja’mite-powered mechanical engine.



Also known by the title “Archivist” by his fellow Goblin collectors. He is a Goblin with a keen eye for rarities and relics.

The Archivist has long been collecting weapons, gems, and armors since the Second War of the Alliance and the Horde. His auction house has been a great sight in Kezan and is visited by both Gnomes and Dwarf researchers.



Also known as “The Supplier”, he is a renowned smuggler of illegal goods under the protection of the Brownbarrel Cartel.

Firenzo is famous for his dual transaction of explosives for the Alliance dwarves and the Bilgewater Cartel of the Horde. He just smirks and laughs when asked if he is even scared to transact to an opposing warring faction.



This male Goblin name describes an expert gemologist from Gadgetzan. His company, Gem’O Trading, deals with mining, processing, and exportation of precious gems throughout Azeroth.

Trade Prince Glazloth ordered a mining initiative on the remains of Mount Kajaro after its eruption. They discovered huge deposits of emerald, diamond, and iron in its craters.



A curious and intelligent Goblin engineer and designer. Resitan often wonders how whales can swim and rise to the water’s surface at ease. He wishes to create a vehicle that can replicate this.

Resitan attempted to create a sinking ship that can travel underwater like whales and can rise back to the surface as intended. He called his invention The Whaledeck. He’s yet to be successful.



A shrewd and immoral Trade Prince from the Cards and Matches Industries.

Infredo owns most gambling and gaming trade posts in Azshara and Kalimdor. Most of his patrons are drunkard Orcs and Undead dwarves who often fight when someone loses a bet. Infredo doesn’t care as long as they pay.



An artistic and creative Goblin whose major trade is to sell paint pigment of assorted colors.

Krafky and his Bright Day Company specialize in paint colors that The Horde uses in their Horde banners, signposts, and clan battle standards.



A crafty Goblin who owns the smithing and mining division of the Bilgewater Cartel.

He was formerly employed by Trade Prince Gallywix to process the iron ore gathered by Gallywix’s slaves in Azshara. When Gazlowe became the Trade Prince, Monmer became the sole smith of the cartel to serve the Horde.



This male Goblin name describes an evil pirate belonging to the pirates of Booty Bay.

Rockand was a former stone miner under the Steamwheedle Carte. He abandoned the mines and joined the Blackwater Raiders because he finds such a job more profitable.

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Top 10 Female Goblin Names






Also known as “Boom Girl”, she is one of the trainees of Engineer Gazlowe and was trained in creating explosive barrels.

Surfez was called the Boom Girl for her numerous failed attempts in perfecting an explosive barrel. She was famous for her Ton Bomb, a bomb that can flatten an entire mountain.



This Goblin name describes a female Shaman who learned the art of concoctions and remedies from the Taurens and Orcs of the Horde.

Thelsia was amazed by the potencies of the remedies and cures of the Horde—and she sought to profit from it.



A member of B.O.O.M, she is one of the prominent members that designed the X-52-A Tourist-Rocket.

The X-52-A Tourist-Rocket is intended to gather as many Goblin tourists as possible and tour them near the Twisting Nether and back to Area 52.



A female name for a Goblin Rogue involved in sinister activities such as ploys and intelligence gathering.

One of the secret members of the Uncrowned, Baikan closely coordinates with an unnamed Goblin Trade Prince that funds most of the organization’s activities.



This female Goblin describes an experienced and adaptive vendor.

Muzby often deals with trades of dried food and clothing. She recently transformed her store into an armory to resell some pillaged, but refurbished, weapons that they looted on the battlefield.



Known as “The Teller”, she manages most of the transactions on the banks of Gadgetzan and takes good care of huge-value transactions of nobles.

She is an assistant to Gobber, especially during his absence. She is reliable and trustworthy. Few Goblin speculates that she earns over a million macaroons per full moon to make her loyal and honest with what she was doing.



Known by the locals of Gadgetzan as “The Boom Trader”, she is the best store offering improved boomstick rifles and pistols.

Although she caters her gun products to both the Horde and the Alliance, she noticed that the Horde has little interest in firearms.



Also known by the title “The Manager”, Wakkel is a chubby female Goblin who manages most of the entertainment services of The Black Flame.

Wakkel arranges gambling areas or sometimes lucrative auctions of rare trinkets and relics.



A female Goblin name describing an infamous shipwright. Her majestic designs of ships became the iconic Horde ships used by the Horde up to this date.

Okhali, together with her squad of highest-paid Boatreavers, can construct an average-sized ship in less than 2 days.



Known as “The Mysterious Seller”, Twikel is often seen in a rugged and grim-looking hood and coat. She sells very rare and expensive items that are not easily obtained in any Goblin markets.

It is said that when you encounter the Mysterious Seller, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to check her products. As to how much gold that this merchant has, no one knows.

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Funny Goblin Names

The Goblins of Azeroth are quite different from the usual Goblins from other RPG games. In Azeroth, they are created in a nice way such as being creative, inventive, and money makers! We’ll list our recommended funny names for the Goblin race of World of Warcraft. Check out some of our suggested funny names below.

Before you proceed, keep in mind that these names are created to create humorous and funny names. No insults or verbal abuse intended. Pun and jokes ahead.




For Goblins who doesn’t want to give discounts. Curse you!


Derived from the phrase Discount Coupon.


A Goblin who sells the “how to do this” tutorials in his YT channel.


Meaning, “Oh My Goblin”. The name of the supposed owner of a certain thrift store.


The newest energy drink of the Goblins named after its founder, Kajurade Ledrink.

Penny Wise

No, he’s not a clown. He’s a thrifty and smart Goblin. Every penny counts!


His former name was Damian but he likes dimes too. Dimeian.


Goblins love explosives and fireworks. What? He’s a Goblin born in the ’60s?


A playful and funny Goblin. No one dares to tell him that his name is just a jumbled syllable from the word Goblin.


A Goblin skilled with imitating other people or creatures.


Top Goblin Names Suggestions

In this section, we’ll create a rank list of our Top 10 Goblin name suggestions based on this guide. The ranked names are based on the suggested male and female Goblin names that were listed earlier in this guide. We based our ranking on how Goblin-like are the names (in a Warcraft game sense) and how relevant are the backstories concerning Goblin lore. Check out the rankings below.









We love an evil Goblin pirate. They may be small but they are dangerous. We see this character as someone who only wants what’s best for a Goblin: money. Other than that, we love the name Rockand. It sounds nice for a Goblin with a touch of little cuteness to it.





Despite being small, Goblins are also an essential member of the rogue organization of the Uncrowned. We decided to create another name for a Goblin Rouge belonging to this faction. We find the name Baikan satisfying. It sounds mysterious and deadly.





This name is one of our favorite Goblin names from our male name suggestions. The name sounds cute and adorable. Moreover, we associated the name for a Goblin character owning a paint company (Bright Day). It sounds interesting, lore-wise, and we think this name is a good choice for an NPC in-game.





Like the Gnomes and Dwarves, the Goblins are also expert adventurers and miners in Warcraft. We came up with a name for an expert gemologist: Glazloth. To start with, this name sounds nice. We derived the name from the word Glass Cloth and we love the resulting name. Also, the background lore is fine. We are opening the possibility of a few Goblins who returned to their isle in search, of course, for any items that can be monetized.





Gnomes are not the only race that had an idea of creating machinery. We created a name for a Goblin whose interest is building electromechanical machines. For Goblin tinkers, this name will be awesome!





We like this name for the nice back story. He is a smuggler, known as The Supplier. Well, there’s money in smuggling, so why not create a Goblin name for that? For Goblin characters who are so good with a money-making scheme, even if illegal, Firenzo will be a fitting name.





The Mysterious Seller. This name is also one of the unique in-game ideas that we sometimes want to see. We imagine her character as someone who roams different lands to sell exotic and expensive goods. The name sounds unique, mysterious, and somehow adorable for a female Goblin.





Speaking of mercantilism, Goblins can adapt to changes and suddenly, change their wares. We came up with a name that does exactly that and we are putting this name on this list because we love it!





The name Epox sounds simple and straightforward—just the way we like it! We also like him being a collector of rarities and relics.




Lastly, we are placing Monmer on the list. We wanted to create a Goblin name or character that has a straight association with the Horde. We see this character as a smith who deals with trading weapons and armor for the Horde.

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