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German Name History

All German names can be divided into three groups: ancient Germanic names, Christian names, and modern borrowings from other languages.

Old Germanic names

It is assumed that the ancient Germanic names appeared in the VII-IV centuries BC. They called a distinctive feature of the character or appearance of a certain person. Adolf (“the noble wolf”), Eberhard (“bold as a boar”), Wilhelm (“strong-willed”), Karl (“brave, brave”), Ludwig (“famous in battle”). Gradually, such names disappeared from use, and in modern German there are no more than two hundred of them left. Now archaic names against the background of newfangled popular German names look quite original.

The “invasion” of German names

The displacement of national names began, as in many other countries, with the spread of Christianity in the second half of the eighth century. Then the Biblical and Latin names were borrowed. At the same time, there were actually German names associated with religion – Gotthold (“the power of God”).

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, German was flooded with borrowings from English, French, Spanish, and even Russian. Naming in Germany was strongly influenced by cinema and show business. Now it is considered a special “chic” to give a child an original foreign name, even if it does not fit into the laws of German spelling. So, the popular German names Hans, Paul, Gertrude are adjacent to Lucas, Felix, Lena and Nicole. But in general, German names are distinguished by their adherence to traditional simple forms.

  • There are 500,000 first names are registered in Germany at the registry offices, and about 1000 new ones are being added each year
  • World War II diarist Anne Frank’s first name was actually Annelies.
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s middle name is Dorothea.
  • German female name Ilse is a derivative of Elisabeth.
  • In German, Jutta is pronounced yuh-tah.
  • Although the name Sabine is of Italian origin, it has been extremely popular in Germany. In the 1960s, it was the number one German girl’s name.
  • Frieden means peace in German. Names like Friedrich, Gottfried, Siegfried, and others all have meanings pertaining to peace.