Mastering the Art of Defeating Strong Fighting-Type Pokemon

Fighting-Type Pokemon

Fighting – Type Pokemon is a common pick among players because they belong to one of the strongest meta in the current Pokemon game. Pokemon with Fighting type attributes are flexible and can learn a variety of moves. Most of them have incredible speed and offensive stat, making them formidable in battles. Not only that, Fighting Pokemon have great designs which made them a cool choice for casual gamers.

But Fighting Pokemon are not as invincible as they seem. They have type disadvantages and can still be beaten like any other mons. Pokemon Type variety in a team Is important so you can cover most of the weaknesses for each of your mons, especially in competitive battles. In the following sections, we’ll share with you the top 5 tips for beating any strong Fighting type Pokemon.

Article summary: 

  1. Other strong Pokemon types: While Fighting type Pokemon are considered one of the strongest, there are other types that are equally strong and worth considering. Some examples are Dragon, Psychic, and Dark types.
  2. Evolutionary lines of Fighting type Pokemon: The article only mentions a few non-Legendary Fighting type Pokemon that are good for competitive battles. It would be helpful to provide more information about other Fighting type Pokemon and their evolutionary lines, such as Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Conkeldurr.
  3. Competitive battling strategies: The article provides tips on how to beat Fighting type Pokemon, but it doesn’t go into detail on how to build a competitive team or strategies for battling. This could include topics such as EV training, move sets, team composition, and battling techniques.
  4. Legendary Fighting type Pokemon: While the article focuses on non-Legendary Fighting type Pokemon, it would be interesting to include information about Legendary Fighting type Pokemon, such as Terrakion and Cobalion.
  5. Pokemon abilities: The article mentions move sets for some of the non-Legendary Fighting type Pokemon, but it doesn’t discuss abilities. Abilities can play a significant role in battles, and it would be helpful to provide information on which abilities are best for Fighting type Pokemon and how to utilize them in battles.

Strong Fighting Type Pokemon Generator

  • best fighting type pokemon 1 Pyroar (#668) Fire|Normal
  • best fighting type pokemon 2 Miltank (#241) Normal|
  • best fighting type pokemon 3 Mega Blastoise (#9) Water|
  • best fighting type pokemon 4 Quagsire (#195) Water|Ground
  • best fighting type pokemon 5 Wooper (#194) Water|Ground
  • best fighting type pokemon 6 Manectric (#310) Electric|
  • best fighting type pokemon 7 Zorua (#570) Dark|
  • best fighting type pokemon 8 Wobbuffet (#202) Psychic|
best fighting type pokemon

Table of Contents

Best Non-Legendary Fighting Pokemon for Competitive Battles

For veteran players, it is known that legendary Pokemon have overwhelming stats and are overpowered in most cases. Thus, to add thrill to their line-ups, they train non-Legendary Pokemons instead. Below are some of the best non-Legendary Fighting-type Pokemon for competitive battles. 


Blaziken is a Generation 3 starter mon with a Type combination of Fire and Fighting. Players have a choice in centering Blaziken’s move set into Fire, Fighting, or both, making him a flexible starter in the game. Blaziken also learns some strong Flying moves such as Brave Bird and Aerial Ace.  Blaziken - Mastering the Art of Defeating Strong Fighting-Type Pokemon


Similar to Blaziken, Infernape is also a starter Pokemon and debuted in Generation 4. Infernape’s greatest advantage is its balanced Sp. Atk and Attack paired with increased Speed stat. Infernape can learn Dark moves which are useful against Ghost and Psychic Pokemon.

Infernape - Mastering the Art of Defeating Strong Fighting-Type Pokemon


Toxicroak has proven its worth in the meta for the variety of ways it can be used in battle. It can shift from an annoying poison dealer into a quick-kill stab damage dealer. Because of its main Poison attribute, Toxicroak is also a good choice to chomp down Grass mons.

Gallade - Mastering the Art of Defeating Strong Fighting-Type Pokemon


Toxicroak has proven its worth in the meta for its flexibility in ways it is utilized in battle. He can shift from an annoying poison dealer into a quick-kill stab damage dealer. Because of its main Poison attribute, Toxicroak is also a good choice to chomp down Grass mons.

Toxicroak - Mastering the Art of Defeating Strong Fighting-Type Pokemon


Machamp is one of the fighting Pokemon with a super-high Attack stat. Wayback Generation 1, Machamp is not easily accessible due to its trade requirement to evolve. This is not an issue now since most players can trade a Machoke wirelessly. Machamp is iconic for the move Cross-Chop which deals high crit-rate damage. 

Machamp - Mastering the Art of Defeating Strong Fighting-Type Pokemon


Lucario has been in the mainstream for quite a time due to its numerous appearances in the anime. Lucario has been a common favorite both for casual and competitive playthroughs since its introduction in Generation 4. It is obtainable and can evolve as early as level 20 through friendship. Lucario is very balanced in terms of Attack and Sp. Atk. Most players EV train their Lucario to be proficient in either Attack or Sp. Atk stat. Its Speed is also decent plus its high defense due to the Steel attribute. Lucario can learn Calm Mind and Swords Dance, allowing it to either increase Sp. Atk or Attack respectively.

Lucario - Mastering the Art of Defeating Strong Fighting-Type Pokemon

Pseudo-Legendary Fighting Pokemon

A Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon have high stats that are almost at par with Legendries. Most of these Pokemon are rare and difficult to train or evolve. The only Psuedo-Legendary Fighting Pokemon is Kommo-o. 

Pseudo - Mastering the Art of Defeating Strong Fighting-Type Pokemon


Kommo-o has an unusual combination of Dragon and Fighting Type and was first introduced in Generation 7. Unlike common Fighting Pokemon, Kommo-o has high Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, and Sp. Defense bundled together. Its Speed stat is lower but is still superior in contrast with other Fighting Pokemon. Despite having Fighting as a secondary attribute, the only Fighting moves it can learn trough leveling is Close Combat.

Kommo - o - Mastering the Art of Defeating Strong Fighting-Type Pokemon

Strategies Against Fighting Type Pokemon in Battle

Facing off with fighting Pokemon is troublesome and intimidating at first. But for us to counter such mon, we need to learn some of the advantages and disadvantages of Fighting Type Pokemon.

Weaknesses of Fighting Type Pokemon that You Should Know

The three weaknesses of Fighting Type Pokemon are Fairy (introduced in Generation 4 and above), Psychic, and Flying type. Fighting type, together with Normal type, is ineffective against Ghost Pokemon. Using moves such as Foresight and Odor Sleuth allows Fighting and Normal types to hit Ghost Pokemon. Fighting moves are also not very effective for Poison and Bug types.

Advantages of Fighting Type Pokemons on Other Mons

Fighting Types are a great counter for Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, and Steel Pokemons. Avoid pairing your Pokemon with these attributes against a Fighting type else your Pokemon will end up fainting quickly. Also, keep in mind that Bug, Rock, and Dark moves are not effective against Fighting type Pokemon.

Using Type Advantage Against Fighting Pokemons

You know that a Fighting Pokemon is weak against Fairy, Flying, and Psychic. It is not necessary to train a Pokemon belonging in this type. Rather, it is recommended instead to train your Pokemon to learn a Fairy, Flying, or Psychic move. By doing this, you can still use your favorite Pokemon and just modify their move set that has an advantage against Fighting types.

You may also use TMs and HMs (such as Fly) to add some more moves set aside from those that can be learned through leveling. The only limitation of this strategy is your Pokemon itself. Your Pokemon should be compatible with the move and must be able to learn it. You will not be able to teach a Flying, Fairy, or Psychic Type to your Pokemon if it is not compatible (learnable) with them.

Combining Advantage and Disadvantage Types Against Fighting Pokemons

Pokemon attributes like Poison, Fairy, Psychic, Flying, and Bug all have strong resistances against Fighting moves. Try to train Pokemons belonging to this group so that you immediately have a Type advantage against Fighting moves. Then teach your Pokemon a variety of moves that are strong against Fighting types.

For example, a Beedrill (Bug-type) with an Aerial Ace move (Flying-type) can easily stab any Fighting Pokemon. A Gallade (Psychic) with a Psycho Cut (Psychic) can also chip down any Fighting Type. You may also try other unusual combinations such as Ghost Pokemon with Psychic moves, or Grass Pokemon (neutral against Fighting) with Fairy moves (Meganium or Roserade).