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Final Fantasy is the largest Japanese fantasy anthologies developed and produced by Square Enix as a role-playing video game on various gaming platforms. To date, a total of 16 total main titles have been released since the first Final Fantasy in 1987. Each Final Fantasy installment is stand-alone and independent from one another in terms of story and gameplay. They have a different setting, plot, characters but are linked to several elements such as mechanics and few in-game items, names, and concepts.

In this name guide, you’ll be presented with a list of Au Ra name ideas and suggestions from Final Fantasy XIV. Readers will learn a bit more about the Au Ra race and how Au Ra names are derived and created. If you’re a player who prefers using the Au Ra race as a playable character, finding the perfect name for your character is in your best interest. This FFXIV Au Ra Name Generator helps players conceptualize or provide suitable names for their Au Ra character for free.

An Overview of the Au Ra Race

The Au Ra race was first introduced in the expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. They are speculated to have descended from the dragons and are heavily debated by different scholars and historians. The Au Ra originally settle in the far eastern continent of Orthard. They started to migrate westward to Eorzea due to recent conflicts within their homeland.

Au Ra Physical Appearance

The Au Ra appearance is best described as humanoids bearing few characteristics of a dragon. They have curved horns sprouting from the side of their heads that are directed either upwards or downwards. Because of this, they were speculated to be descendants of the dragons. They have random patches of scales in their necks and arms, and they have short, or sometimes, long dragon-like tails. Apart from these descriptions, Au Ra skin tone and other physical features may vary depending on the clan where they belong.

Au Ra Clans

There are two known Auri (adjective for Au Ra) clans: the Raen and the Xaela. The Raen clan inhabits the central region of Orthard and its surrounding islands. They are known to have strong relations with the Hyur and Roegadyn and were able to adopt other cultures such as the Doma and Hingashi. Xaela, on the other hand, inhabits the Azim Steppes and the surrounding regions. They maintain their ancient, traditional, nomadic way of life and wish to remain that way.

Auri Raen is distinguished for its hard-scaled skin and tail. They have brilliant white scales, and they are believed to have divine lineage from the blood of Azim. Male Auri Raen has towering heights while females are shorter and slimmer. Auri Xaela, in terms of size and height, are very identical to the Auri Raen. However, due to their traditional and nomadic lifestyle, Auri Xaela is far more superior in terms of strength than the Auri Raen. Similarly, they also have hard-scaled skin and tail nut instead of brilliant white scales. They have lustrous black scales suggesting their divine lineage from the blood of Nhaama.

FFXIV Au Ra Quick In-Game Overview

Au Ra was first introduced in the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion as a new playable character race. Auri Raen starts with a base stat is centered on the Mind with +23 points. Auri Xaela starting base stats centers on Strength at +23 points. Players who prefer hard-hitting Auri characters may select an Auri Xaela, while those who prefer spellcasting and speed may pick an Auri Raen instead.

There are 16 main Final Fantasy titles to ever existed since 1987, with a total of seven separate main-series related games. There’s also a Final Fantasy Tactics franchise and more than a dozen FF-related spin-off game series. With the ever-expanding Final Fantasy universe, one can wonder how character name ideas and personalities were even conceptualized. Name generators are commonly used to aid players in suggesting easy name ideas, the same with the FFXIV Au Ra name generator we provided at the start of this guide.

FFXIV Au Ra Names and Au Ra Naming Conventions

Au Ra name convention is different for a Raen and Xaela. Auri Raen names are based on old Edo-era Japanese names. Xaela names are derived from 15th-century Mongolian names.

Male Raen Au Ra Names

Male Au Ra names for a Raen should describe the character as strong, agile, or tremendously uncontrollable. Japanese names depicting these characteristics should be used in creating an Auri Raen name. Below are some of our suggested Au Ra names belonging to the Raen clan with their corresponding meanings:

  • DaichiFirst, or number one, or leading.

This Au Ra male name is suitable for someone competitive and ruthless.

  • HayatoFast, speedy, hasty.

This Au Ra name is ideal for a character who is deft and nimble. This name is commonly associated with deadly assassins and cutthroats.

  • HideyoshiExcellence, esteemed, high.

This male Au Ra name is perfect for a character who displays superiority and control over those under his jurisdiction.

Female Raen Au Ra Names

Raen Au Ra female names are based on nature-related words such as plants, birds, beauty, and seasons. Below are some suggested female Au Ra names under the Raen clan with their meanings:

  • KazaneWind’s whisper, wind’s sound

This female Au Ra name is ideal for an Auri Raen with fast movements or with deadly precision like strong winds.

  • SatsukaGust, gale winds, hurricane, storm

This is a nice female Au Ra name coming from Raen clan. It gives us a nature-related name while at the same time indicating strength and power.

  • Setsuna – Calm Snow, rainbow

 A female Au Ra from the Raen clan bearing this name is expected to be delicate, beautiful, yet deadly and noxious.

Upon unlocking the Au Ra race via purchasing the Heavensward expansion, players will encounter numerous named Au Ra NPCs in-game. They may use these names to gain inspiration in creating their own. Name generators are also proven to be an easy way to formulate name concepts, especially for new players. You may try our FF14 Au Ra name generator for more in-game name ideas and recommendations.

Male Xaela Au Ra Names

Male and Female Xaela names are derived from Mongolian names. The meaning behind each name is also significant, for they describe the bearer of the name. Below are some examples of suggested male Xaela Au Ra names:

  • Altingolden, red dawn

This name is perfect for a male Au Ra from the Xaela clan described as precious, important, or prominent.

  • Batzorigcourageous, bold, strong-willed

For an Au Ra depicting valor and boldness. This name is ideal and highly recommended.

  • Chuluunbaatar – “Chuluun” meaning “stone” and “Bataar” meaning “hero”

For a male Au Ra displaying strong will and heroism.

Female Xaela Au Ra Names

Below are some examples of suggested female Xaela Au Ra names:

  • BajgalmaaNature, one with nature

This female Au Ra name is perfect for a character from the Xaela clan. Xaela clan is known for their nomadic and primitive ways, embracing their wild nature.

  • MandakhRising, ascent,

This female Au Ra name is befitting for an ambitious character who aims high and perfection in everything she does.

  • TogtuunCalm, tranquil, serene

For female Auri Xaela with a calm mind but with deadly finesse.

FFXIV Au Ra Clan Names

Do Auri people use surnames or clan names when introducing themselves? The Raen and Xaela culture, despite coming from the same race, have great differences in the use of their last names. Auri Raen considers their surnames as an honorific title. Only aristocrats, warlords, and those in military positions have last names which display their martial prowess. Few examples are Buhen (“to fight valiantly”) and Yatsurugi (“Eight Blades”). Xaela clan, on the other hand, uses existing tribal names as their last names. There are more than 50 known tribe names introduced in-game; few examples are Adarkim, Buduga, and Dotharl. For easier access to available clan names for Raen and Xaela, you may try our FFXIV Au Ra name generator. This name generator can easily help players with in-game suggestions for both first name and clan names that they can freely use for free.

FFXIV Top Au Ra Name Suggestion

What makes a perfect Au Ra name? Meaning and representation to the character. A perfect Au Ra name must greatly describe the character itself through the names provided for them.

For a male Auri Raen character, we highly recommend the name Hayato Yatsurugi. The name Hayato means fast, while the surname Yatsurugi means Eight Blades. This name strongly defines a skillful and agile character. He is someone skilled with blades and has swift sword techniques that can easily decimate enemies. After all, Auri Raen names are cored for being fast and agile.

For a female Auri Raen character, we recommend the name Satsuka Buhen. Satsuka is associated with fast winds like gusts and hurricanes. This greatly describes an Auri Raen character. Buhen means warrior or chivalrous fighter.

For a male Auri Xaela, we recommend Batzorig. We like the name for it is bold and courageous, greatly describing what an Auri Xaela should be.

For a female Auri Xaela, we recommend Mandakh. We like this name because it represents an ambitious character. She is someone competitive and skilled and will not let herself be looked down on by others.

We did not include the clan’s name for the Xaela so players can explore which subclan their character fits best. Players may also try our FFXIV Au Ra name generator and select the Xaela clan to randomly suggest possible names and clan names for an Auri Xaela character.

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