Elezen Name Generator

Elezen Name Generator

Final Fantasy is known to be the largest Japanese fantasy anthologies developed and produced by Square Enix as a role-playing video game on various gaming platforms. To date, a total of 16 total main titles have been released since the first Final Fantasy in 1987. Each Final Fantasy installment is stand-alone and independent from one another in terms of story and gameplay. They have a different setting, plot, characters, but are linked to several elements such as mechanics and few in-game items, names, and concepts. This name guide will introduce to you some of the best name ideas and concepts for the FFXIV Elezen race. This article is intended to give readers a brief idea about the Elezen; their short history and culture, naming conventions, and some Elezen name recommendations. So, if you’re a player who loves playing as an Elezen, picking the right name for your character is a must. This FFXIV Elezen Name Generator will help you conceptualize, if not find, the best Elezen name for your character—for free!

The Elezen of Eorzea

The Elezen are an elf-like race that once dominated the entire lands of Eorzea. They believe that all of the continents are theirs by divine right. The Elezen consider themselves the highest race above all else for they grew up believing that they are the chosen race of the gods. These beliefs, however, resulted in conflict against other races especially with the Hyur tribes during the early Sixth Astral Era. After eons of war with the Hyur, the two warring races eventually came to a mutual agreement and work towards mutual peace that is observable up to the present era of Eorzea.

Elezen Culture and Beliefs

The Elezen claims that they are the oldest of Eorzea’s races. The great city-states depicting ancient cultures such as over different Astral Eras are believed to be founded by them. There is also a great deal of evidence that shows that the mighty Allagan Empire is governed by the Elezen’s forefathers. Most Elezen inhabit the vast lands of Gridania and Ishgard. They were the main players in shaping and enriching Gridania from its former state and they were the ones responsible for creating the many traditions of its institutions.

The Elezen Clans

Since the founding of Gridania, the Elezen split into two major clans: those who decided to stay and dwell on the forests and cities, the Wildwood, and those who decided to dwell in caverns and isolate themselves away from outsiders, the Duskwight. Both of these clans consider the other as traitors from their original Elezen race.

Wildwood Elezen

The Wildwood Elezen inhabits the forests of the Black Shroud for many generations. They are known for their extreme and sharp eyesight and their loyalty to law and order. Carpentry and leatherwork are their greatest trade throughout Gridania. The Wildwood Elezen are also referred to as “Greens” by other races because of their fondness for the forest.

Wildwood Elezen Apperance

Wildwood Elezen’s appearance is commonly attributed to having a slender body and long limbs for both males and females. They have tall heights compared to the Hyurs, with males reaching 6’4” to 6’10” and females between 6’0” to 6’6”. Wildwood Elezen’s sharp eyesight made them promising marksmen through their inborn talents with archery—an attribute that is far greater and superior compared to their Duskwight kin. Their large and elf-like elongated ears make them keen and sensitive to sounds. Male Wildwood Elezen is considered to be modest and chivalrous in terms of personality, while female Wildwood Elezen is wiser and expected to be more intellectual.

Duskwight Elezen

The Duskwight Elezen are the minority group of Elezen who migrated out of the main cities of Gridania and decided to seclude themselves in the caves and caverns of Gelmorra. Their Wildwood cousins call them “Greys” for their likeness of darkness and caves. The Duskwight dislikes the culture and ways of urban life and they most likely avoid the city-states. To survive in the caverns, some Duskwight Elezen resort to banditry and thievery, which in turn, gives them a negative and scornful impression among the citizens of Gridania.

Duskwight Elezen Apperance

The Duskwight Elezen appearance is common to their Wildwood cousins, having a slender body and long limbs. Their height is also the same, having males in between 6’4” to 6’10” and females from 6’0” to 6’6”. Male Diskwight Elezen is considered to be more authoritative and firmer, while females are passionate and unyielding. Centuries of living under dark caverns made their skins darker. Additionally, their adaptiveness in the cave greatly evolved their sense of hearing. They can pinpoint the source of any sound with precision and accuracy despite echoed or reverberating surroundings. This in-born talent gave them great awareness and was proven to be beneficial in combat.

Elezen Lifespan

Both the Wildwood and Duskwight Elezen have longer lifespans compared to other races. They have slightly delayed physical maturity due to their slow aging process. Elezen can reach an outstanding age of 100 to 120 years old.

FFXIV Elezen Quick In-Game Overview

The Elezen race is one of the readily available characters at the beginning of the Final Fantasy XIV game. Wildwood Elezen starts with a base state centered on Dexterity with +23 points followed by Intelligence with +22 points. The Duskwight Elezen starting base state is cornered on Intelligence with +23 followed by Mind with +21 points. For players who prefer hard-hitting Elezen, Wildwood Elezen is preferable, while in contrast, Duskwight Elezen is ideal for characters cored in spellcasting.

The most important part of playing any game is to realize what kind of gameplay that you, as a player, would prefer. Personalization of the characters creates a more steady and enjoyable experience for the players. This includes physical aesthetics, freedom to choose stat growths, and adding personal name preferences. While other attributes of the game are easily controlled by the players, others find naming characters tiresome. To address this, name generators are readily available online, just like our FFXIV Elezen Name Generator introduced at the top of the page.

FFXIV Elezen Names and Elezen Naming Conventions

The Elezen adopted the Common tongue many ages ago since their pact with the Hyur natives. Their old language, however, can still be observed in the spelling and pronunciation of their names. The structure and spelling of the names for both Wildwood and Duskwight are very same and follow the same phonetic rules. However, neither of the two clans’ members will have the same last name due to generations of conflict between them; whereas clansmen rather have to choose to either join the Wildwood or the Duskwight.

Elezen naming convention is similar to French words in terms of spelling and sound. Male names are lengthy and often end with “-oix” syllable (read as “o-ah”), “aux” syllable (read as “oh”), or a silent “t”. Female names, on the other hand, are shorter and end in diminutives like “ne”, “ette”, “elle”, and “ie”.

Male Elezen Name Ideas

  • Abdieloix /ab-dyel-o-ah/ – meaning god’s chosen or god’s servant.
    • This name is perfect for an Elezen who is a devout worshiper and follower of nature and laws.
    • Suggested Clan: Wildwood
  • Enraigaux /en-ray-go/ – meaning ruler, leader, or someone superior.
      • This name is ideal for a strong and competent Elezen leader. Someone who displays prowess and kindness to those he rules.
        • Suggested Clan: Duskwight
  • Padraigont /pa-dry-gon/ – this male Elezen name depicts nobility, righteousness, or goodness.
        • Pick this name for a noble-like character. Someone who you see as heroic, righteous, and just.
          • Suggested Clan: Wildwood/Duskwight
  • Gaidareaux /gay-dar-yo/ – This name depicts someone joyful, thankful, or
          • This name is ideal for a humorous personality character.
            • Suggested Clan: Wildwood
  • Ranaldaux /ra-nal-do/ – A name describing a wise, clever, or shrewd Elezen ruler or leader.
            • This name is fitting for a wise character. He is clever and tact, possessing the qualities of a ruler that cannot be easily dethroned.
              • Suggested Clan: Duskwight

Female Elezen Name Ideas

  • Lanielle /lan-yel/ – This female name describes a heavenly woman.
    • Choose this name for a female Elezen depicting an angelic character. She is someone kind, bright, beautiful, yet strong and powerful.
    • Suggested Clan: Wildwood.
  • Larette /la-reth/ – This name describes a skillful and talented Elezen, whether in battle or other professions.
      • Pick this name for your skilled Elezen displaying power and finesse.
        • Suggested Clan: Wildwood/Duskwight
  • Ebelleone /e-bel-yown/ – A name describing someone with deep compassion.
        • Pick this name for a kind-hearted female Elezen displaying both mercy and power.
          • Suggested Clan: Duskwight
  • Deane /de-yan/ – Meaning someone who is god-like in terms of might and power.
          • This name greatly represents a powerful character. Whether a physical fighter or a magic user, this name is suitable and cool.
            • Suggested Clan: Wildwood/Duskwight
  • Mairelle /mey-rel/ – This name suggests someone who has a proud and rebellious heart who dislikes laws and city traditions.
            • Pick this name for a Duskwight character for she is someone who dislikes modern traditions and would prefer the old ways of the Elezen.
              • Suggested Clan: Duskwight

Surely these suggested names aren’t enough and you’ll want to know more names. Our name generator may help in providing more male and female name alternatives for the Elezen race. Try our FFXIV Elezen Name Generator introduced at the top of this page.

Elezen Clan Names

Once, the Wildwood and Duskwright Elezen shared the same set of surnames per family belonging in their clans. However, due to their conflict and separation of the Duskwright to the Wildwood. Each side avoids using surnames that are already used by those from the other clan. Their surnames, however, will not indicate if the bearer is from the Wildwood or Duskwright due to the very similar construction and phonetic of their surnames.

Check out some of our suggested clan names below with some fan-made background lore each.

Wildwood Clans

  • Foxalound /fo-sa-lund/- This Wildwood clan is one of the cunning tribes of Gridania. They are known to be exceptional hunters wielding magic bows.
  • Katzoix /kat-zwa/ – This tribe is one of the oldest members of the Wildwood clan. They have the liking of the cities and their surrounding forests and respect that civilization grows together with nature.
  • Stalardelle /sta-lar-del/ – The House of Stalardelle is known to be the most gallant and valiant in Gridania. They are composed of admirable Elezen looked upon by other tribes and Hyurs.
  • Ellisaine /e-li-seyn/ – The House of Ellisaine is one of the noble families of the Wildwood clan. They are a group of extremists Elezen who despise the Duskwright with all their lives.
  • Einarie /ey-na-ri/ – The tribe of Einarie is known to produce the finest fighters in Gridania. They pride themselves as the greatest warriors of the Wildwood clan itself.

Duskwright Clans

  • Furyaux /fur-yo/ – The Furyaux tribe is known for their deep meditation inside their caverns. They do this to increase their spiritual capacity and intelligence by communing with their inner spirits—a tradition that other Duskwright clansmen could never understand.
  • Adaraelle /ad-a-ra-el/ – The Adraelle clan is known to be the oldest among the members of the Duskwright. They have an ancient ritual in making herbs using enchanted urns said to be blessed by the moons.
  • Cohenoix /ko-hen-woa/ – The House of Cohenoix runs a notorious underground syndicate across Gelmorra and Gridania. Their guilds are expert smugglers and extortionists of famous merchants and politicians.
  • Eodicette /e-yo-di-set/ – Eodicette clan is also known as the Eodicette Bandits of the East, are known brigands who raid unwary merchants and traveling caravans. They resort to burglary and raid, yes, but they never harm any travelers or merchants during their raids.
  • Gabeloir /ga-bel-wa/ – The famous Gabeloir tribe is one of the greatest Elezen families to be included in the Duskwright clan. Their members work as exceptional warriors, marksmen, assassins, and spies.

More names and clan names can be found in our FFXIV Elezen Name Generator. We have a vast collection of ready-made names that players can generate randomly to provide name ideas and suggestions—or use the names as-is for your Final Fantasy character for free!

FFXIV Top Elezen Name Suggestion

What qualifies a good name for the Elezen race? Beyond the meaning of the name, the name must follow the convention provided in-game. In this section, we’ll present our top suggested names for the Wildwood and Duskwight Elezen characters.

For a male Wildwood Elezen, we recommend the name Padraigont Katzoix. The name Padraigont represents a character born of nobility. This makes your character heroic and just. The Katzoix tribe serves as the oldest member of the Wildwood clan. They are a group of Elezen who believes that the progress of civilizations grows together with nature. This creates a perfect match for the forename, making your character truly noble and wise.

For a female Wildwood Elezen, the name Larette Foxalound is highly recommended. The name Larette describes a skilled Elezan warrior. Pairing it with the surname Foxalound creates a good tandem in terms of lore. The Foxalound of the Wildwood clan is a cunning tribe for they are a family of deadly hunters and mage archers, this complements the name Larette in terms of lore and story.

For a male Duskwight Elezen, we like to consider Ranaldaux Gabeloir. Ranaldaux is depicted as a wise Elezen ruler. He possesses the good quality of a leader and every Duskwight Elezen follows his will. The Gabeloir tribe serves as the greatest family to be included in the clan. From this clan came many notable warriors and fighters. We find this surname complimentary with the forename because a leader must also be a fearsome warrior.

For a female Duskwight Elezen, we suggest the name Mairelle Cohenoix. Mairelle is a female Elezen who dislikes laws and traditions. We find her name perfect for a family involved in thievery and banditry such as the House of Coheoix.

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