Chinese Name Generator

Chinese name generator on this page will generate you some Chinese names absolutely free.

Looking for a name for your character? There are more then 10,000 names in the database. Use the buttons bellow to get more name ideas, until you find the desired name.

In Chinese, the order of the parts in the official name of a person is fixed and determined by the grammar of the language. According to Chinese grammar, the last name always comes first, then the first name.

In this Chinese name generator we followed that rule, first surname, then name.

Many foreigners who live in China or work with Chinese partners or colleagues face a difficult problem – how to choose a Chinese name to improve perception or give themselves a name that would not distort the impression of the interlocutor.

How to address the Chinese people?

It is important to know that it is impolite and even rude to address the Chinese by their full name. According to Chinese etiquette, it is necessary to address by last name, adding the name of the social status/position (engineer, doctor, professor, academician, ambassador, teacher, master, foreman, director, etc.) or general (Mr., Mrs.). For example, Mr. Wu (in Chinese: Wu Xiansheng), Mrs. Zhang (Chinese: Zhang Niushi).

  • Ma Lok
  • Gao Xiulan
  • Zhao Xueyou
  • Zhou Changming
  • Huang Dong
  • Zhou Chen