Cat Name Generator

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How to choose a name for a cat?

It is believed that in a cat’s name should have two, at most three syllables — so the kitten will quickly remember the nickname and begin to respond to it.

It is recommended that the name contain the letters “c”, “z”, ” s ” — cats perfectly perceive whistling sounds similar to the squeak of rodents. You can also add the letters “m” and “r” to the name — you will get a combination similar to a cat’s purr.

What else can you pay attention to come up with an original cat name?

Take a closer look at the color of the kitten. The variety of colors of hair in cats can tell you an interesting name. What color is your pet? Black, red, white, smoky? Or is your kitty striped, tortoiseshell, happy tricolor? Not only the shade of the coat itself, but also the associations with the color will help you in choosing.